Celebrating the start of the Summer school holidays


Well the weather might not have co-operated (it was a little on the cool side) with my plans but at least I had the tablewear (thanks to Annie) for our first ever “let the Summer holidays begin” party. Though the girls inform me it’s not really a party unless you get to invite other people.

Don’t you just love the watermelon candles? I couldn’t light them though (they are outdoor citronella candles) as we ate indoors.


We debated a BBQ but decided on a very “healthy” meal of chips, potato scollops and pineapple fritters.


IMG_6891.JPG IMG_6893.JPG

After dinner I busted out a new game – UNO stacks.


You’d think this would be a quick game but it’s surprising high the tower can grow before it comes crashing down.


While we didn’t get the swim I’d planned for, and it was easy night food wise, the girls really enjoyed that it wasn’t a normal night. And I think it was a fun way to start the Summer holidays.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating the start of the Summer school holidays

  1. What a lovely idea Libby. if you are ever stuck for party guests though, you can always ring us LOL. Hope you have a wonderful summer holidays with your gorgeous girls.

  2. Love your new tradition, I think it’s a great idea. I loved the watermelon theme. How cool has it been, Im sitting here tonight in slippers, trackies and a cardi, Summer? it certainly doesnt feel like it. They call us the Sunshine Coast but all it does is rain.

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