Arriving in Fiji

It was a  very early wake up this morning and it was lucky we had the alarm set for 4am as we were both fast asleep when it went off. After a quick cuddle with the pups we dragged ourselves out of bed to get dressed and do a final pack. We put the dogs outside ready for the puppy sitter who would be arriving later in the morning and just on 5am are limo arrived and we were on our way. It was still dark when we left so we were able to enjoy the sunrise as we arrived in Sydney.


With 6 of us in the limo is was surprisingly not very comfy but we managed. Mum, who is a nervous flyer (and hasn’t flown in over 10 years) was relaxing.

IMG_6979.JPG In the limo

We arrived at Sydney airport… and yes I agree a limo with a trailer is not quite so glamorous 🙂


got checked in for our flight…


and went through immigration and security with little wait. Christy was sad to have missed Santa in the duty free shop but we did see him wondering around later (and only had photos taken with yesterday!).


She did, however, get to make friends with the Milka cow and ring his bell.

Ringing the bell in Duty Free Shop

After a bit of shopping – Opi nailpolish and Locataine – we found a Gloria Jeans and got some breakfast.

Just arrived at the Outrigger, Fiji

An egg sandwich and iced chocolate for me.

Egg sandwich for breakfast

Then just after 8am it was time to board our flight.


It was uneventful flight, which Mum coped with amazingly well. I used my i-pad to get caught up with Google Reader.


And I had to laugh when I saw what happened to my chip packet :-).


Roughly 3 and 3/4 hours later we were flying over Fiji…

IMG_7005.JPG IMG_7012.JPG

Suddenly we weren’t complaining of being cold anymore!!! After clearing immigration and collecting our luggage we meet up with our transfer company, where we received a lei greeting.

Lei welcome

After a short, but seemingly long wait, our mini bus departed for the 1.5 hour trip to our resort. I really loved seeing the lush landscape, the clouds rolling in, the cows beside the road, the roadside fruit stalls, the lines full of drying clothes outside each home,


the homes of the locals – both wealthy and poor,


and the vehicles FULL of pineapples!!!


Christy (and Amy) both nodded off…


but Kevin and I really enjoyed the passing view…


Then finally we were arriving at our resort and hearing “Bulla” yelled at us in greeting as we drove through the entrance.

Outrigger on the Lagoon, Fiji

At reception we were greeted with refreshing cold towelettes…


and iced tea….


Then we got to check out the resort. We were told where everything was and made our Christmas dinner booking…


before being taken to our family bure…


Our bure


which is just gorgeous…check out that ceiling…

Our bure, Fiji

and the detailed touches…


which might just have come from the tree outside our bure…


We have two bures with an interconnecting lounge area – perfect for two families. Nan & Pop have the bure with a king bed and sofa (but no bath in the bathroom). After getting settled and Kevin sorting out the internet (his main priority upon arrival) we headed off for some much needed dinner. We had missed lunch (only having cheese & crackers on the plane) and with the time zone difference of two hour it wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds, but we were all ready to eat :-). It was raining, so we grabbed our complimentary umbrellas and headed off. We got to meet (and pat) a gorgeous lizard from the local wildlife park upon our entrance to the buffet resturant.


The place is beautifully decorated, with some subtle Christmas touches which I love. Yay, our first family dinner in Fiji!

First dinner - Mexican buffet

The theme changed here each night but as soon as we heard it was Mexican tonight my family was rather excited. Now, I could have started with the cold selection….


but instead I headed straight to the Quesadilla bar 🙂


where a very friendly Fijian made me a delicious vegetarian quesadilla, which along with the rest of my meal was delicious. My second plate looked almost the same as the first :-).


Kevin enjoyed with first cocktail of the week and Amy enjoyed her first mocktail.

IMG_7065.jpg IMG_7066.jpg

I barely had any room left for dessert but once I saw the selection I just had to give it a try.

Dessert buffet

It was all lovely but by far my favourite was the mango mousse – the blob at the front of my plate. Yummo!!!


It was dusk when we left, after handshakes and farewells from the bar man, and the torches had been lit.


The girls had left before us and were already in the pool, which they said was lovely.


Evening swim

Kevin headed back to the room and Nan, Pop and I went to check out the general shop, and pick up some essetials, and replace Christy’s kids band which was ripped. When we got back I looked in our window!!!


Our bure is very secluded and private and just magical at night with the lights on. I’m sure everyone will sleep well after such a long day. And tomorrow we’ll get to explore the resort some more and check out the beach.


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  1. Glad you arrived safely, it looks gorgeous so green. Love your rooms yes I could see how you could relax there lol. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to seeing more of Fiji.

  2. OMG! Fiji! How amazing! One of my dream destinations! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Hope you and your family have an amazing time!!!

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