By the pool in Fiji


NOTE: There are constant greetings of bula all the time, whenever you pass or see a staff member. It really is lovely. The Fijians are a very friendly bunch.


Some things never change and I was awake about 4.30pm and up at 5am having a cup of tea and catching up on blogs. It was dark when I got up and it didn’t get light until after 6.30am.


Quite a nice view when it does.


One by one everyone else eventually woke up but it wasn’t until 9am that everyone was up. Rather than go out to eat we decided to order room service for breakfast. We got 4 meals for the 6 of us and it was still a ridiculous amount of food. We actually kept 3 of the plates of fruit and 2 of the pastry plates to have later!


My breakfast was a poached egg, toast, some fruit and a couple of the pastries.


Love the fresh cut flowers that accompany everything – even breakfast!


Before breakfast I’d taken the girls and registered them for kids club and at 10am they went back for the their first session. We weren’t sure how Amy would be (being that it’s for 12 and unders and she’d be amongst the oldest) but when we saw her later she seemed to be having lots of fun.


On our exploration walk we ran into an childhood school friend. I knew he was here (thanks to facebook) but didn’t expect to run into him so quickly. It was lovely to have a little catch up. We saw the girls heading into the pool for some pool games and went down to have a look at the beach. It’s a rather overcast day (still warm, but not stinking hot) so I didn’t take any photos here – saving that for a blue sky day.


Kevin found the dive shop and got some info, and we headed back to our room. We got there just as the cleaners did so hung outside. It was getting rather warm and we were keen for a swim so after picking up the girls at 12pm, headed for the pool. Our room is in a great location, right beside kids club, which is right beside the pool. It really couldn’t be any better for us. The bures by the beach looked nice but there was no privacy from people walking past, they only sleep 2, and are further from the pool.

Once at the pool it was straight in for all of us. The water is a wonderful temperature, one that is lovely to be in for some time. Refreshed we got out and promptly ordered some drinks. Another cocktail for Kevin and virgin pina coladas for Amy and myself. Not quite sure why my family all cover themselves with towels. It wasn’t that hot and the sun wasn’t out!


I was sitting under an umbrella so had no worries.


We spent quite a few hours hanging out by the pool. We enjoyed lunch delivered to our sun lounges – falafel wrap…


and later an ice cream….


I must have been too relaxed to take many photos today. The kids came and went – Christy loved hanging out in the hammock outside our room – later she told me she was Santa and it was her sleigh :-). Kevin went back to the room for a sleep and later booked himself a dive for tomorrow. Even I had a little nap by the pool. Around 4pm we headed back. I showered and changed and Kevin and I went up to the shops for a few things.


Shortly after our return our talei (butler) arrived with champagne softdrinks and a plate of canapes (with chicken). We read and chatted and were still here when he returned with night caps. We hadn’t had dinner yet, but Kevin happily had his drink anyway :-).


The only problem we’ve had is that the rooms are quite dully lit. The middle lounge area is probably the brightest but as dusk fell even that proved a little dark for Mum trying to do a crossword. Kevin to the rescue. Those who know him will not be surprised….


Of course we all died laughing when Mum put the headlight on – but at least she could see. She was giving me the “don’t you dare take my photo” look. But I did and think it’s priceless :-).

The kids went off the kids club again and we finally ordered some room service for dinner. Amy had pizza, Kevin chicken wings, Dad a club sandwich.


Mum & I had veggie stirfry (hers with chicken). It was so yummy. We ordered a bowl of rice for Christy who was still at kids club (Amy had come back early).


Then more chatting and reading before everyone got tired and headed off to bed. I stayed up with Christy who was still eating her dinner and we headed to bed around 9.30pm. It’s been a near perfect day with only rain in the morning and evening, but I would like to see some blue skies tomorrow :-).

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  1. Jessica says:

    It all looks amazing, I cracked up at the headlamp but its a great idea!
    It looks pretty quite and not crowded for a holiday resort this time of year, I guess it will fill up after christmas.

  2. Briget says:

    What a lovely, relaxing day you all had. I recognise that “don’t take my picture” look from your Mum, love it!

  3. Jackie says:

    Well that post brightened my day it’s so miserable here, hasnt stopped raining. Loved the photo of your mum, if looks could kill you would have been struck down lol. I look forward to the next instalment.

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