Christmas Eve in Fiji

I was up early again at 4.30am. But do you remembemy request for blue skies???? Look what I saw when the sun finally rose?


Kevin headed off for a scuba dive at 7.30am. Amy was up around then and Nan & Pop not till after 8am. Christy was sound asleep. We started trying to wake her up gently at 9am with natural night, cuddles, etc but it took shaking and loud talking to rouse her. Poor thing, we were just getting desperate for some breakfast.


As we walked out Nan’s door we realized that they actually have a water view – look carefully through the trees….


Christy had opted to stay in bed while we headed off to the buffet breakfast.

Such a great selection with smoothie shots, made to order omelettes, fresh fruit, a juice bar and more of those yummy pastries. I’d had my first (small) plate when Christy arrived covereed in bites, so I had to rush off up the hill to get some stop itch. I think this is the first trip in forever that I haven’t packed any!!!


Itching problem solved I could finish my breakfast. The juice was pineapple and ginger. Nice but a little too gingery for me. The citrus steamed potatoes and baked beans were my favs.


We were still doing breakfast when the girls headed off to do some (paid) craft. Shortly after Nan, Pop and I headed for the pool, and pretty much dove straight in.



We were still in when the girls arrived back with their creations….


and then joined us in the pool. With Kevin showing up not long after. He enjoyed his dive (and was the only one on the trip) but had sinus problems so postponed his second dive.

The girls found the hair braiding lady. Amy had a just a few put in but Christy conned Kevin into letting her get her whole head done. It’s such a long procedure (unlike in Mexican where Amy had her whole head of long hair done in around 10mins) and she’s to go back for the second half tomorrow morning.


Remember me telling you about the little touches – here is the poolside toilets….



Ah…. must be time for another mocktail….


After an hour in the chair Christy returned. She loves her braids – I’m just not sure about the little antlers from her fringe :-).


Life certainly passes at a slow pace here on the island but eventually  it was time for lunch. Today we headed to the beachside grill.



Great service….


A great view….


and great food. Kevin and I shared a tapas (my first) which is why you might spot meatballs and prawns on the plate.


Everything was delicious.


And here’s the beach photo I didn’t take yesterday… will definitely need to come hang out here sometime this week…


Back to the pool while Amy does an intro to scuba class in the pool. I get a few hair braids at Kevin’s suggestion and find the only unfriendly staff we’ve come across. Then enjoy some tea by the pool.


Around 3pm the clouds rolled in and unleashed a considerable amount of water so we headed back to the room. Here’s Christy pretending to be Santa guiding his sleigh.


Not sure how well I captured the rain….


but here’s the path off the verandah….


The best part of the rain, besides giving us this lush landscape, was all the frogs we saw hopping around. It was so cute. Not sure if you can make this one out – he’s the brown blob in the middle right of the photo.


We spent  a bit of time hanging out in our room, then (while Kevin had a sleep) we walked up to check out the shops and visited the ladies from the nearby village who come in to sell their homemade items. Christy was excited to get a grass skirt and this sarong, necklace and head band. Amy also got quite a few goodies.


We made sure to organise dinner before the girls had to head off to kids club. Pizza via room service tonight. Yum.


We dropped off the girls, who were going frog hunting tonight and head to carols by candlelight. We weren’t sure what to expect and didn’t really want to sing ourselves, so were thrilled to just be able to listen to the resort/village choir. No music, just their wonderful voices.


While there Kevin enjoyed his cocktail of the day, them promptly felt unwell (don’t think it was related to the cocktail).


The resort is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day…


Back in our room we shared a cheese plate and waited till the girls to come back from kids club.


Which they did at 9pm happy and dirting after catching frogs and watching them race!!! Time to hang out the stockings for Santa and drag out bedtime as long as possible by tracking Santa on the Nordic tracker site. It was after 10pm before both girls finally fell asleep. It wouldn’t be a problem except Christy has a 9am appointment to get her braids finished off….

Oh, here’s a photo showing some of my braids 🙂