Beach time in Fiji


We had preordered breakfast to be delivered at 8am….


because we had a date with the beach for some snorkelling…


Is this a postcard or what?


We got our gear and headed out. Kevin gave instruction to my Mum (who only once snorkelled)


I took video and photos – but underwater it’s hard to see what you’re shooting so I only have 2 photos to share…. which is probably a relief to you all :-). There were lots of fish – some big, some colourful, some slugs, gorgeous blue starfish…


and a pretty cute eel….


After about a hour exploring we headed back to land…


and promptly sat in the sun to dry off and enjoy the view….


while the girls went for a kayak…


Doesn’t this photo just scream FIJI?????


We had wanted to go a tour of gardens but after waiting 15min gave up on the guide turning up. So we headed poolside for some swimming and reading…


Christy had fun joining in aqua aerobics.


It was pretty hot out today and we felt we’d had enough sun. After getting changed we headed to the poolside restaurant Bavari for lunch…only to discover it had the same poolside menu! Not that it mattered very much.


I chose to have the mango, avocado and macadamia salad that Kevin’s had a few times.


At 2pm Kevin dropped the girls at kids club and went spent some time reading indoors and in the air conditioning. I think it’s the first time we’ve hung out here all week, except for early morning and the evening.


At some stage Kevin wandered off to get himself a cocktail. As you can tell for a normally non-drinker he’s really gotten into the spirit of a tropcial holiday.


After kids club Christy put on some the fake nails from Santa (a bonus is she now can’t bite her nails) and headed back out to swim with her friends.


Around 4pm Nan, Pop and I went for a walk to explore a bit more of the resrot.


Just the four of us went to dinner tonight as Mum & Dad weren’t yet hungry but we needed to feed the girls before they went to kids club. We headed back to Baravi, and discovered they had a different menu at night.


Look at how brown Christy is getting…


We received some complimentary dumplings to start…


and enjoyed some of the night-time torch lighting ceremony…


I had a vegetarian chow mein. It was nice but a little bland. Unlike Amy’s chili dish which I sampled!!!


Then it was a quiet night back in our bure. We had planned for a post dinner swim but we were much too full. Maybe another night.

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