Cultural Fiji


Another magical day in paradise. It seems to be harder and harder for everyone to get up, even I had trouble after being up for a couple of hours during the night (I’m battling the start of a cold). But Kevin & Amy were off early for a scuba dive. It was Amy’s first proper dive and she loved it.


It was after 9am by the time everyone was up and dressed and ready for breakfast. Since our Village Tour left at 10am we only had time for the buffet. Fine by me as I love the selection. Today I had the most delicious Paw paw smoothie.


And a selection of my other favourites….


We couldn’t linger today, and headed up to reception, only to have to wait over 15 mins for one of the guests to turn up – even her family wasn’t happy with her. The Fijians didn’t worry at all. I do love their relaxed, carefree attitude.

It was just a five minute drive to the village of Malevu, with a population of 342, where many of the staff come from. Uncle Jim was just supposed to take us there but the village guide didn’t turn up (here’s where the relaxed attitude isn’t so good) so he ended up doing the whole tour.


We didn’t really see a whole lot of the village but enough to give us an idea what it’s like.


When you live with a view like this wouldn’t you be happy all the time like the Fijians?


We also came across the smallest pup I’ve ever seen.


Which of course all the kids wanted to pat, and like dogs everywhere it quickly demanded a tummy rub. The dogs here are pets or used for hunting wild pigs.



We were then invited into the meeting area where we got to sample some kava. It really does taste like muddy water but isn’t overly bad.


Christy did really well trying it and actually “says”she¬† likes it. Both her and I even accepted a second bowl (which is really just a mouthful). Unfortunately I didn’t capture Nan’s expression. Horrified was how we’d described it. She was aiming for a blank look :-). I’m sure they’re used to tourist but you aren’t supposed to refuse it – just taste and smile in thanks.


We then bought a few things from the locals and Christy posed for a photo with these gorgeous Fijian girls. Isn’t the little one in the red the cutest thing ever?


The Fijian society is really a wonderful thing. Love how doors are left open till evening, family and clan is everything, neighbours help neighbours, children are even adopted by brothers if they can’t have kids. Western society could certainly learn a lot.

At 12pm we boarded the bus back to the resort and sent a message to Kevin to meet us at the Sundowner for lunch. I had the tapas again.


We then headed to the room for a quick change and off to the pool for a swim. It was really rather hot and muggy today. After a swim the girls wanted to tie die a shirt.


Unfortunately Christy couldn’t wait to see her shirt being down as she had a date at the beach…


a date with Sprinter….


She went on a guided 30 40 minute ride up the beach….


and absolutely loved it. So much so she wants to go for an hour tomorrow.


We then headed back for another swim, and relief from the heat. Then back to the room before it was time for the fire walking show.


Uncle Jim was on hand to (repeat) tell us info about the culture of Fiji and about the fire walkers.


Kevin said the stones are about 60deg cel. Don’t think I’d want to be standing on them.


After the show we headed to the buffet dinner for a Fjian feast.


Mum was nice to enough to buy flower leis for us girls.


I snapped this cute pic of my Mum & Dad…


and of Christy… both of whom looked very tropcial…


Kevin enjoyed his nightly cocktail…


The buffet looked lovely… lots of yummy salads (that I enjoyed) and local (meat) specialties.


My first plate. The second contained some rice and the yummiest ever ratatouille.


And once I’d spied the desserts I made sure to leave some room for them.


But I was so keen to dig in I forgot to take a photo until after I’d started eating! The key lime pie, mango slice and coconut macaroons were all delicious.


After dinner there was a traditional meke show with dancing and singing.


It was really enjoyable and the girls, who were right down the front, had fun being frightened by lunging warriors and (fake) spears. At the end the kids were invited to dance and join in.


It was a lovely end to our culture filled day. Kevin, unfortunately hadn’t been feeling well and I was developing a cold-induced headache. So it was back to our bure for a bit a quiet time before a relatively early night. We’re all feeling a little sad that tomorrow is our last day. We’re declared it “everyone do what you want day”, except I’m guessing Kevin & I will have to go along with what the kids want to do :-).