Fiji time

I can’t believe it’s our last day in Fiji – so sad. Since it’s “do what you want” day it’s only fitting that we operate on Fiji time. Those of you who have been here will totally undertand the saying. Basically means turns up when you’re good and ready and don’t worry about it :-).

With that in mind we eventually headed to breakfast around 9am, after stopping to visit with this little fella.


Today’s breakfast saw me indulge in both a smoothie and a watermelon juice. Plus the usual.


It was during breakfast that we noticed one of Christy’s eyelids swelling up. She’s obviously had a reaction to a bite. Luckily Kevin had some lotion and  medicine for her.


The girls headed off to do some jewellery making and we headed for the pool. As you can see we pretty much had it to our ourselves.


I read a couple of mags by the pool and started the latest Janet Evanovich book, which I had been saving for this trip.


At 12pm Kevin and I took the girls to do some more craft but the lady never turned up (she’s on Fiji time as well) so Christy made another necklace.


We then went to the beach….


to watch the coconut husking demonstration….


It’s so amazing, and wonderful, that every part of the tree has a use.


We got to try some of the coconut as well. So fresh and moist. Check out Christy’s eye in this photo :-(.


Then it was back to the pool to have our last poolside lunch delivered.


I had the messy and most delicious veggie wrap again.


After a swim and time for lunch to go down I ordered my very last Fijian virgin pina colada.


Christy went to kids club for the afternoon session, and I met her back at the room (where Kevin & Amy had been enjoying the air conditioning – it was really hot today) in time for her horse riding.


She went on a hour long ride today and seemed to love it just as much as yesterday.



Sprinter is a gorgeous horse…


and Christy got a little teary eyed knowing she wouldn’t see him again…


The girls ordered room service for dinner.


And at 6.30pm we went to watch the torch lighting ceremony. The torch lighter was on Fiji time so the drumming and shell playing went on for quite some time, which meant Christy got to play along.

IMG_1240.JPG IMG_1237.JPG

Eventually the torch lighter turned up and Christy was able to light some (got it on video, not photographed).

IMG_1248.jpg IMG_1250.jpg

After the kids went to kids club (for the last time) the rest of us went to pick up some last souveniers. While up at the reception we saw the most gorgeous sunset. And, of course, for the first time ALL week I didn’t have my camera. We raced to get it and down to the beach but the sun had already sunk below the horizon.


The resort is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day.


Back to the room to find our last after dinner drink had arrived. Mum & I don’t drink them but we enjoy the treats :-).


We had planned to go out for our last dinner – just us adults but it was SOO hot today/tonight we just wanted to stay in the air-conditioning, so we ordered some room service. I had a lovely salad.


The food here has been fantastic. We would just have liked a takeaway cafe to be able to grab a snack for  dinner.  We had no internet tonight so ended up heading to bed around 9.30pm for some reading. No one wants to pack up and go home in the morning.

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  1. ahh poor Christy! I hope her eyes get better. I am sad your leaving too, I enjoyed reading your daily adventures. For a family holiday this year we were tossing up between Fiji and Hamilton Island and after reading this I am thinking Fiji might be it.

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