End of year celebrations

It was a pretty quiet New Years Eve. Kevin and I went to the basketball to watch the Hawks play Sydney. Unfortunately we lost but it was a very exciting game. One they deserved to win.


After the game we headed home for a late supper with Nan & Pop….


My camera is mucking up so we’re having to use the flash…which leads to shiny faces and double chins :-(.


Just before 10pm we headed outside from some sparkler fun.

IMG_7687.JPG IMG_7681.JPG


Then it was home to bed. I’ve been getting up early and therefore very tired at night. I read for a while and didn’t even stir at 12am!!!

On New Years Day the Powell’s came for lunch.


Not sure what happened but I only took three photos!!!!

Ice Cream cake for dessert….


and Noel with his big bowl of cream…. he didn’t really mean to get that much… or so he says :-).