Goals for 2012

Enjoying the late afternoon sunshine


Make time for hobbies that I truly enjoy

Have more quiet time – relaxing in sun, sitting on beach, having baths, walking (when able)

Read and review at least one book a month (romances not included :-))

Sort out all our home movies and put them into iMovie

Plan a wonderful trip to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary in Dec

– at this stage we’re tossing up Europe (Italy, France, Greece) – we’d go in Oct, Walt Disney World (kids choice) and Hawaii. Please share your thoughts.

Possibly try horse-riding (haven’t been since I was a teen) and scuba diving (had a panic attack last time)

Complete ALL online classes that I sign up for



Tackle my weight gain once and for all (have appointment with weight loss surgeon for the 6th Feb so have till then to get myself on the right path)

Remove all junk/over processed food from the house

Simplify the way we eat – healthy, wholesome, homemade food, fruit & veg for snacks, make treats really treats

Work out more simplified exercise routine including yoga, cardio and weights.

Try a different type of exercise – eg swimming, aqua-aerobics



Simplify homemaking routines – currently trying Speed Cleaning approach with a couple rooms per day.

Revise budget and stick to it

Help the girls to develop, and stick with, their own routines

Reorganise the spare room (again). Going to make it MY room for nail polish, exercise stuff, sewing, etc.



Meet at least 1 new online friend – I LOVE this aspect of blogging

Monthly day out with Mum

Weekly Family Movie Night (Sat)

Weekly Family Documentary Night (Sun)

Monthly Family Fun Day Out

Invite a friend over at least once a month

Organise craft weekend for my friends

Have a weekend away with family every other month

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6 thoughts on “Goals for 2012

  1. Sounds like a good plan Libby. I have made no plans, right now I just want to make it through the year. I have some ideas of stuff I want to do, but until we know exactly what is happening with Briony who knows.
    Happy New year and I hope you can do all that you set out to do. Good luck.

  2. I love your goals, Libby. I also want to say how much I love your blog and all the pictures you take. I also truly enjoy going on all sorts of adventures with you and your beautiful family. I am truly a “Libby Wanna Be.” Happy New Year!

  3. Libby, great goals for 2012, balanced and achievable.

    Re the 20 year anniversary trip, I would vote for Italy, France and Greece, no contest! Having said that, I haven’t been to Hawaii or Walt Disney World, but we have had trips to France for 3 weeks and Italy for 2 weeks and loved them both. Paris for an anniversary would be magic. If you are taking the girls then that changes things slightly, but there is still Disneyland outside Paris.

    If you ever come to Brisbane I would love to meet you and that would cover one of your goals for 2012!

  4. France, Libby then you can give me some hints lol we are going in four years for my 50th. I was sorting out some old layouts the other night and found a layout my goals for 2006 you know they would still be the same ones as today which shocked me Im still struggling with the same doable stuff and that gave me a boot up the bum so I am going to deal with it. Lifes too short for this. I just signed up for a workshop and noticed that you had to lol. Im really looking forward to this one.

  5. That’s just such a beautiful pic of you, Libby.

    Don’t forget to play to your natural strengths for the most rewarding goal pay offs 🙂

  6. I love the goals! I can’t believe it will be 20 yrs. for you guys!!! That’s awesome! I say Europe!!!!italy would be so romantic….and Paris!

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