A Day in the Life – 13th Jan, 2012


I was up about 6.30am, which is almost a sleep in for me. I let the dogs out and made a cup of tea. Bailey didn’t want to come back in so I left him outside for a bit.


I spent time on my laptop, watching youtube videos and reading some blogs. Around 8am I got up and moving with my morning routine. I’m trying to get up to date with youtube so I half watched some while emptying the dishwasher.


Then it was outdoors to water the veggie garden and collect a whole heap of tomatoes, a red capsicum and some strawberries.


I also swept the back paved area and deck, which needed it after a windy few days.


Next up was a shower. When I got out I found Christy and the dogs on my bed (which I had just made).


Time for some makeup.


After which I found Bailey like this.


AT 10am Amy and I headed of to the doctors. I needed a referral and Amy was having some vaccinations (that she missed at school due to being away). She made the mistake of asking which injection (she had two) makes your arm swell up, so they kept her back for a few minutes thinking she might have a reaction, which is did not.


On the way home we dropped off some goods to be donated and visited the local shop to get a few supplies. Then it was home to do todays household chores, like vacuuming.


And hanging out the washing.


Amy got all set up for a tea party she is hosting.


I made us both falafel wraps for lunch and finally got to put my feet up for a bit.


At 3pm Amy’s guest arrived. She had invited a few people but most hadn’t replied, and one forget to come. So it was just the 3 of them.


I felt bad for her because she had gone to a lot of trouble but they all enjoyed themselves.


The party continued with tea leaf reading.


I worked on our Momento album for Fiji,


while enjoying some afternoon tea.


After the one guest left the Powells arrived for Sarah to sleep over. They stayed for a chat and cup of tea, and were about to leave when Kevin arrived home. We chatted for a bit longer and when they did leave I went tidied up the kitchen and got ready for the basketball. All the girls went over to Nan and Pops for dinner.

Kevin and I shared a salad wrap at the game.


It was an exciting game. Not sure if you can make out the score but it was VERY close with just 2mins to go. It went down to buzzer with Rhys Martin (who had been the games best player) missing a 3 pt shot to win the game. I felt so bad for them. They play well for the most part but just can’t seem to win.


When we got back from the game the girls were in the middle of a glee marathon, having just painted their nails.


I tided the kitchen (again), went out to put one chicken to bed, made a cup of tea and headed to bad with instructions for the girls to go to bed at 10.30pm.

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  1. hi libby ive just ordered PL and cant wait to get it – hope it doesnt take long to get here. what sort of things do you watch on youtube?

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