Weekend in Sydney – Harry Potter

We had leisurely start to the morning and eventually left home just after 10am. First stop was Gloria Jeans for iced chocolates (and coffee for Kevin).


We went via Sarah’s home to drop her off, had a bit of a chat with Noel and Leanne, and a play with Russ (who has grown so much). Then it was on to Sydney where I was excited to find us a prime parking spot.


We then walked over to the Powerhouse Museum…


for the Harry Potter Exhibition.



We were early for the tour time (be sure to book beforehand if you’re going as the rest of the day was booked out) so headed to the outdoor cafe to get some lunch.

A friendly pigeon was minding a table for us.


My baguette (with brie and tomato) yummy, the coconut water horrendous.


We headed for our 2pm tour 15mins early (which I think was a good move). The audio tour was so-so but I think still worth doing, it definitely told you a lot more about the movie making but we agree it could have been done a lot better.


We had a bit of wait in line till we got through. It was crowded, but manageable. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take photos. Which was a real bummer as Christy was one the children chosen to be  sorted into a house by the sorting hat. Her house – Gryffendor.


We took about 1.5 hours to go through the exhibit and it was so fun seeing all the props from the movie. We all really enjoyed it. If you love the Harry Potter movies then you’ll love the exhibit. There is, of course, a shop at the end. Christy got a sloppy joe and Amy a t-shirt. Then Christy had a tantrum over not getting a Hermione wand…… which cost $60!. She wanted it to play with and I had to explain it was more of a souvenier. Well at the price it was one expensive toy.

My feet were really feeling it  by now (I find 2 hours is my limit) so I found a comfy couch while Kevin & the girls explored a few other things in the museum

-2.jpg -1.jpg

We then had a short drive to our hotel – the Radisson Plaza. We had booked a 2 bedroom apartment, and while the space is nice, I really don’t think this room was good value for money.

IMG_1187.JPG IMG_1189.JPG

We hung out for a bit while Kevin and Christy sorted out their Bertie Bott’s beans. Kevin was brave and tried ALL the flavours.

IMG_1193.JPG IMG_1196.JPG

Apparently vomit and ear wax wasn’t too bad, but Rotten Egg  was pretty bad!!!

IMG_1194.jpg  IMG_1195.jpg

I then took the girls to the indoor pool for a swim.


Then there was computer time. Kevin was concentrating on his game.


Christy made herself some toast for dinner…


and Kevin was kind enough to go and get the rest of us Pie Face.

IMG_1200.JPG IMG_1201.JPG

He also picked up some mini apple pies for dessert.


Around 8.30pm we all got sick of the couch – which wasn’t the most comfortable, so headed off to our beds (with computers or i-pads). And I made myself a cup of tea…. or two …. as the cups were so small.



5 thoughts on “Weekend in Sydney – Harry Potter

  1. I have been wanting to see that exhibit! I have to keep my eyes open for when it’s coming back around. What is a “sloppy Joe” that Amy got (it’s a sandwich here) and…..they have nice wands in Los Angeles for around 30$ at a shop called Whimsic Alley, I wonder if they ship internationally?

  2. Interested to see that hybrid vehicle parking space. Neil’s just got a hybrid, so he’ll be keeping his eyes peeled for those.

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