Australia Day

We aren’t big Australia Day people, and with an overcast/rainy/humid morning and Kevin & Amy painting Amy’s bedroom, we just did a lunch with Nan & Pop.

There was damper…


BBQ steaks/veggie patties and salads…


and pavolva for dessert…


Followed by this Australian Afternoon Tea that I picked up this morning… it didn’t really taste different to any other black tea but it was nice…


with Tim Tams and lamingtons….


Definitely a very yummy way to celebrate Australia Day. Unfortunately my arthritis was VERY bad so I spent the afternoon on the couch feeling sorry for myself while more painting was done upstairs.

3 thoughts on “Australia Day

  1. That looks like a well thought out meal – all very Aussie foods yet with a more modern look to them. Must say Tim Tams and Lamingtons look good no matter which way they are presented lol
    Which is your athritis – Osteo or Rheumatoid? Both painful conditions, when my spinal osteo is playing up I use PanadolOsteo along with my regular doses of fish oil and glucosamine.
    Take care

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