A Day in my Life – 31st Jan, 2012



Can’t believe one whole month of the year has already passed by. That’s crazy!

I was up around 6am. Bailey often likes to lie out in the morning and will come back and wait at the door when he’s ready to come in. Often when I just sat down with my cup of tea!


I have my pain meds and fish oil while waiting for the kettle to boil.


Around 7am Kevin and Amy depart – it’s Amy’s first day in year 8 but I’m not allowed to take a first day of school photo.


After they leave I go up to wake Christy – Bailey helps. She isn’t feeling the best so goes to have a bath.


I then shower and dress, make the bed and collect the girls washing.


Christy requests french toast for breakfast. I have a half a bagel with cheese and another cup of tea.


Time to check e-mails.


I go outside to hang out the washing. Christy is watching a bit of Harry Potter while eating breakfast.


The pups take advantage and lie in the sun for a bit.


I need to use both clothes lines today.


Next is a trip to the chemist to get some medication for Christy.


Bailey has to come along.


Looks like a lovely day.


Shortly after I return Christy decides she’s feeling better and will go to school.


When I return I get started in this room. Mum comes to help me.


And 90mins later it looks like this…


IMG_1427.jpg IMG_1432.jpg

I still have more sorting to do but it looks a LOT better and you can actually walk around the room.


Time for some lunch – my favourite falafel salad.


Enjoyed while reading blogs.


After lunch I take out some scraps for the chickens.


And collect some eggs. We’re getting 2-4 each day now but some are still rather small.


Time to do the uniform shop paperwork and count money while enjoying tea and a choc chip muffin.


At 2.30pm I get changed and make myself look presentable.


I drive into Wollongong to pick Amy up from school…


and drop her off at the hairdressers for her appointment.


When I get back home Mum has just returned from walking the dogs and Bailey has rather muddy feet. I hose them off for him so he can enter the house.


I was chatting with Mum when I realized Christy and Shantel were already supposed to be at dancing so we raced out the door. On the way I got a call from Amy saying she was waiting to be picked up, so after dropping the girls off I went to get her. Doesn’t her hair look fabulous? She’s really happy with it.


Amy got ready for dancing and I dropped her off. Kevin got home shortly after I did. And finally I got to sit and enjoy my naughty afternoon snack.


Then at 6.40pm it was back up to the school to collect the girls.


I was too sore to do much for dinner but we had some leftover pasta so I just heated that up with a jar of tomato sauce. Easy but yummy.


After dinner the dogs had a crazy play session.


And we settled down to watch the last episode of Whale Wars. Such a great series.  And having seen whales up close and personal in Alaska I’m so glad there are organisations like Sea Shephard getting out there and trying to stop whaling.


At 8.30pm I took Christy up to bed for a story. We’re reading another Judy Moody.

IMG_1484.JPG IMG_1487.JPG

I then took off my make-up and did my nighttime beauty routine before heading back down to get a cup of tea and watch a bit more TV.


About 9.45pm we headed up to bed and I started a new book – The Hunger Games. I’ve heard lots of good things about it and it really does seem to be living up to it’s hype.

4 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 31st Jan, 2012

  1. Hi Libby – I really enjoy your day in the life posts. I especially enjoy your before and after organisation shots. Very inspiring. Hope we catch up soon.

  2. What a busy day, I was thinking today I must do a day in my life post I havent done one for ages and your falafel salad looks really yummy actually it’s made me a bit peckish.Must be time for a before bed snack 🙂

  3. I’m tired just reading that! You got so much accomplished. I remember when I worked 3 days a week. The days I was home were the busiest. Going to work was actually relaxing!

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