The week that was



It was the week the girls went back to school…. and Christy got to wear the new school uniform for the first time…

IMG_1389.jpg IMG_1392.jpg

It was the week of too much time spent at the uniform shop and a nice day out shopping with Amy – who didn’t go back to school until Tuesday.

It was the week Amy got her hair coloured…


and the week we celebrated Kevin’s birthday….


It was the week of poolside movies…


and a trip to the local pool so Christy could practice for her upcoming carnival….

IMG_1506.jpg IMG_1509.JPG IMG_1493.JPG

It was the week I got my scrapbook desk tidied up and I ACTUALLY used it….layouts coming soon…


It was the week I bought myself this candle…only to move it to the scrapbook room as Kevin didn’t like the smell….


and it was the week of Harry Potter wand accessorizing….


It was the week Amy made a delicious apple crumble for dessert…

IMG_1512.JPG IMG_1497.JPG

It the week of only one funny puppy photo to share with you…


and the week I started, and finished, The Hunger Games. What an awesome book. Thanks to the kindle, I’ve already started book 2 :-).

2 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Love the new uniform colour. They should be easier to keep clean than white! And that dessert looks delicious. Well done Amy!

  2. The apple crumble looks lovely, wish my girls would cook a bit more. Libby the reason I dont journal everyday is that I live a boring life especially now that Tess has the car all the time Im becoming a recluse lol

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