Valentine’s Day

Kevin and I aren’t big on Valentines but we’ve taken to having a special family dinner. And this year I even did a bit of decorating – not that you can buy very much in Australia.


This year Amy wanted to make dinner, and cupcakes, so got started the day before….


We all got a cupcake, and she took some for her friends at school. Each was individually designed. Very yummy too. Best vegan cupcakes yet.


There were messages to each other…

IMG_1630.jpg IMG_1629.JPG

and I painted my nails in honor of the occasion….


Just before the girls came home from dancing I set the table, including their gifts from Lush…


then Amy finished off dinner. It’s not the prettiest photo because the sauce was on top the pasta and I wanted to show the heart shaped pasta she made :-).


Hope you all had, or have, a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! It looks like you had a lovely day. How are you liking the Whole Food Workshop? Everything has been yummy so far!

  2. I love the effort you put in to celebrate special days. What great memories for your girls! We did nothing special here, but my 13 year old received his first valentine gift.Gulp. Not sure how I feel about that one.

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