Scrapbooking again

Okay, so I forgot about doing a day in my life – will try tomorrow. In the meantime I wanted to share the news that I’ve been back scrapbooking again. Yay. I love it and really need to make time for it daily. I’ve being doing LOAD212 with Lain Eihmann and love being given a prompt for each day (in the same way I like being given a sketch to work with). It’s also been fun working with some older photos.

LOAD Day 6 LOAD Day 8 - I miss....  LOAD Day 4 LOAD Day 3 LOAD DAY 2

LOAD Day 5 LOAD Day 1

3 thoughts on “Scrapbooking again

  1. Wow Libby, you certainly have been scrapping, fantastic layouts, does it feel good to be scrapping again? I found it did and I was so keen to keep going. Well done

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