A Day in my Life – 18th February, 2012



So relieved that my arthritis has calmed down somewhat and I’m feeling the best I have in a few weeks. I slept in till around 6.30am. First up – the dogs out and the morning ritual of pain meds, fish oil and a cup of tea. Nice to see a bright blue sky. We never know what we’re going to get these days.


Being a Saturday Kevin was home so the coffee maker got put to use when he came down.


It was just the four of us for some time (Kevin, I and the pups). He was playing Warcraft while I caught up on blogs and e-mail.


Christy surfaced and went next door to have breakfast with Nan, Amy surfaced and went back to her bedroom. Eventually I got hungry and prepared bagels for Kevin & I for breakfast.

IMG_1645.JPG IMG_1646.JPG

Afterwards I emptied the dishwasher, put on load of washing and showered and dressed.


Kevin headed into work for a bit and the girls and I went to the mall for a bit of shopping. First up was new watches for them both. Amy got one of the yummy ice watches but Christy wanted a digital one.


Then it was to Coles for a few groceries.


Before heading upstairs to the cheapy shops for get some canvases for the girls and I found a heap of glass jars (yay).


Last stop was Gloria Jeans for the usual Iced Chocolate – I am aware I’m a little addicted :-).


Back home I got the groceries put away and put my feet up for a bit.


Time to hang out the washing…


and make some lunch….


After lunch Kevin (with Christy’s help) got to work on the latest home project (blog post coming soon)


I spent the remainder of the afternoon working on our Fiji album (one more session and it should be ready to order – hopefully tomorrow).


Late afternoon Kevin and I went to have a swim, but Kevin deemed the water too cold, though in fact it was lovely.


The sun was starting to disappear behind clouds but I was lucky enough some came out to dry me off.  It was so nice and relaxing getting those late Summer afternoon rays.


While I relaxed the pups hunted for lizards.


When I went back inside I found Kevin and Christy ordering some more pillow pets. I think it’s safe to say Kevin liked his birthday present if he’s ordering more (though these are for work!!!!)


It was getting onto to dinner so I got started on a veggie slice, and also made some banana bread. Amy joined me and made a granola slice.


Before dinner Christy presented me with this lovely picture – it’s me sitting on a hammock.


We’ve been having a few issues with Amy’s attitude and behaviour so it wasn’t the nicest family dinner time, though everyone enjoyed the slice.


After dinner I took the banana bread out of the oven but was sad to find it wasn’t cooked properly. This is the second loaf in a row (different recipe) so I’m not sure what’s going on.


After dinner I painted my nails. Not really sure about this colour…


Then it was time for family movie night.


We couldn’t watch what we planned so ended up with this… any guesses?


What about now?


Amy promptly went to bed, not wanting to watch it again and claiming to be tired. But we only got half way through it before Kevin found himself falling asleep as well. I cleaned up downstairs, said goodnight to Christy and read on my kindle for a bit. I’m reading Feb Up by Sue Dengate and it’s surprisingly good reading. I’m looking at ways that changing my diet might help with arthritis. Sounds like it might be good for moody kids as well:-).

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  1. Libby, if you come on Saturday, remind me to give you some cream for your arthritis. It’s helped many of my family and friends (they think it’s God-sent ). And I have a great banana loaf recipe I swear by. It has heaps of walnuts though…yummmm.

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