Bag rack

Last weekend I had another project for Kevin. To create a bag rack to house the girls (well, Christy’s) school bag and my handbag (which I now bring out of the car so I don’t leave the keys in it). I saw this wonderful bag nook on The Organised Housewife and had the perfect spot to replicate this idea.

Kevin even managed to find a piece of timber in the garage so all he had to do was cut it to fit and buy some hooks. I did suggest he paint it first but he said he’ll do it later. Anyone want to place a bet as to how long that will take? Luckily it looks okay as it is.


Since it’s just Christy and I using it, it’s also a place I can leave bags of things to be returned/exxchanged at the shops, or anything else we need to remember to take with us.


Christy has made up a little list of what she needs each day and stuck it on the wood beside her hook.


As you can see this is in the perfect location on your way out to the car or the front door. Christy and I both love it. And, most importantly it keeps my bag off the dining chair in the kitchen and gives Christy’s school bag a home (Amy keeps hers in her bedroom).


2 thoughts on “Bag rack

  1. We would have to reinforce the wall to hold Byron’s back pack…that thing ways a tonne!!

    Great idea, now get the paint out Kevin LOL

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