The Week That Was



It was the week that we took a trip to Grandpas farm….


where Christy had fun driving the tractor….


and the quad bike…


It was the week that I drove to Campbelltown…


for a day out with Leanne. We shopped….


went the movies… I introduced Leanne to this series so it was fun going to see the movie together – we both really enjoyed it…


then had a yummy lunch at Nandos…


It was the week of hot, humid weather, and blue skies…


And it was the week of an escaped chicken. Poor girl went over the back fence. We were lucky Nan & Pop spotted her the next morning. It took the 3 of us 90mins to catch her. Poor thing was exhausted, and hungry, but is now fully recovered.


It was the week Amy made pancakes for Pancake Tuesday…


and the week Christy got back into playing basketball. She’s become my game partner lately.


It was the week we enjoyed a lovely Thai curry for dinner…


It was the week of more pillow pets…do you think my family has a bit of an addiction? BTW, only one is mine 🙂


and the week the pups work out how to share the lounge with the pillow pets….


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  1. Cathy says:

    You have certainly packed a lot into the week again Libby, How have the aches and pains been this week – has the dampish weather had an effect at all?

    Now look at that Kristy go, she seems to have no fear in her at all and I think Amy could visit my house any time she likes if she is able to turn out such even pancakes as that! I like mine thin with lemon and sugar lol

    After being with Blogger for many years I had some posting issues so have moved over to wordpress. I had to changed the name slightly but apart from that it seems to be working out well, would love to see you drop in some time. I’ve left a direct link below.

    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

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