A Day in my Life – 1st March, 2012

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m still adjusting to life with arthritis and developing a new daily routine. I’m almost there (mentally) so will hopefully be blogging more soon (and getting back to making some youtube videos).

It won’t surprise anyone who lives nearby to hear that I awoke to rain, yet again. Dogs out (and dried) and tea and computer time. I was up about 5.30am and found Amy already at the computer working on her scuba course information.


Kevin and Amy left around 7am. I keep listening for Christy but she’s at camp this week. I went upstairs and checked Amy’s room…


In about 3mins I had it looking like this…


I then showered and dressed. Unfortunately I’ve gained a bit of weight over the last few months so it’s rather hard to something that fits :-(.


I did manage to put an outfit together, did my makeup and made our bed…


and found Bailey pulling some burrs out of his fur….


I put on a load of washing…


and found a substitute wedding ring to wear (this was my Mum’s)….


I then did the normal daily jobs of feeding the birds, emptying the dishwasher and organising some breakfast to eat in the car. Today I had a sweet chili and red onion scroll…


I sent the dogs next door and headed out just after 8.30am. Not sure what was going on (the weather or just being 9am)  but there was SO much traffic on the way to Shellharbour….


My main mission was Target. I had some things to return and picked up a few new things (including a couple of tops that fit)….

IMG_1572.JPG IMG_1574.jpg

Then it was on to Kiama….


and my appointment with a dietician to try and work out if any foods I’m eating are contributing to my arthritis. The plan is to avoid bad additives and preservatives (as per Sue Dengate’s Fed Up book), try and get some movement every day and keep a record of what I’m eating and how I’m feeling. I go back to see her in a month.


My petrol light had come on before I even got to Shellharbour so I knew I couldn’t leave Kiama without filling up. I knew of one petrol station so headed there.

IMG_1576.jpg IMG_1579.jpg

Then it was time to head back home. It wasn’t too bad a drive – just a light drizzle at times…


It’s been raining for days now and there’s a lot of water in the paddocks…this is NOT a lake…


I got home just before 1pm, put the clothes in the dryer, and heated up some potato soup that had been defrosting overnight. While it wasn’t cold outside at all, it sure looked like a good day for soup….


Rosie hung out with me on the lounge…


while I played on the laptop….and discovered it’s less than 3 days until the Iditarod starts….I’m just a little excited….


When I went upstairs to change shoes I fed the fish…hmm… think the tank needs a bit of a clean…


At 3pm it was time to pick up Amy & Emerson from the bus stop…. with my faithful sidekick of course… as you can see it started to clear up a bit…


I then did a bit of ironing while watching some youtube videos… can you see the chicken at the door?….


At 5pm I ran Amy up to dancing. We took Rosie along as well but she really doesn’t enjoy it….


I went out to collect eggs – we’re getting 7 a day at the moment. Poor things, it’s so muddy out there….


Time to make dinner…. quesadilla’s tonight. I got everything prepared and when Kevin came back with Amy all I had to do was cook them.




After dinner Kevin did a bit of work with Amy for her scuba class. Kevin is an instructor and teaching a course on Saturday – which Amy is doing.


I spent some time programming in shows to record….


Then did some crochet while watching Sarah’s House. I haven’t worked on this blanket in ages and it was fun to work on it again…


Around 9am I headed up to bed, taking off my makeup first…


and enjoying a cup of tea in bed while reading on my kindle. Love Bailey sleeping on his back. He is such a funny dog and is always making us laugh. Kevin joined me not long after.


I didn’t end up reading for very long as I found myself falling asleep.


10 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 1st March, 2012

  1. hi libby, what are you reading on your kindle atm? i have read so many books since i got my kindle for christmas – i just love it. i’m currently reading sophie kinsella’s novels. my problem is that when i go to bed and read for 30 mins i can sit up for hours and its after midnight when i turn the light off and then i’m tired the next day and get up late for work!

  2. I love those Day In The Life posts. I keep meaning to do one, but I need to remember to bring my camera with me for the day. I love the colors in that blanket you are crocheting. I know about having nothing to wear. It’s been an ugly winter in my closet this year as I have gained weight as well. sigh….

  3. Hi Libby,
    Love this post. Yes, we are all getting very sick of the rain and they are forecasting rain all through March as well!!!!!
    I too have put on weight. I blame the fact we had so many days inside during Summer. I’ve put on 3 kilos and while it doesn’t sound like much it can mean the difference between something fitting and somrthing not fitting.
    I love the pics of Shellharbour and Kiama as thes are two of my favourite places in the world. I also love the colours in your blanket. I hope you finish it soon so we can see the end product. hope you have a nice weekend. Vanessa XX

  4. Hi Libby, I found your blog just recently and am now checking in regularly. It looks like we have a bit in common…like you I also have arthritis, a gorgeous golden retriever too as well as some chooks. My children are similar ages to yours although I have one girl and one boy 🙂 We even have the same washing machine! One big difference is we live in a very small wheatbelt town in WA. Good luck with finding a solution to your pain…it’s not easy. Sharon

  5. Hi Libby how are you I hope you are starting to sort out your arthritis. My MIL suffered terribly, she became a vegetarian and that helped but that’s no good to you is it lol. You always have such busy days. Love the blanket the colours are lovely. Ah yes weight gain Im at the heaviest Ive ever been and its so depressing but my problem is I have to get out and walk problem is the back and feet hurt which is caused by the weight it’s a vicious cycle. I have to go to a wedding in September on Daydream Island so Im trying to use that as motivation. Bye for now Jackie

  6. Looks like a nice day. Love the rain – wish we could have some here too 🙂 I love the blue rug in Amy’s room – and she’s not too messy for a teen LOL. I’ve seen worse! Hope Christy had fun at camp!

  7. The rain has been ongoing here too in Queensland, I think the eastern side of Australia has had enough rain for now. I have a rug too that’s been sitting there for a while too which I need to get hooking with, thanks for the reminder. If I start crocheting again maybe it will be ready in time for winter this year. Have a great Monday:)

  8. Please send the rain up to Alberta, Canada…I am happy to have it 🙂

    Libby, sometimes you get more done by 8:30 am than I get done all day LOL!

    Funny, I was just reading a magazine today that had bowls in it, just like your blue one! Funny how that happens 😉

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