Fabulous Friday

Finally some glorious sunshine. Perfect for my drive down to Berry to meet up with my friend Paola. Kiama looked just  a little different to when I was here last week. I was actually meant to come down last Friday but we postponed due to the bad weather.


And with all the rain we’ve had Gerringong was even greener than normal.


Berry is such a beautiful old town. One day I will have remember to get some better photos.


I met Paola at the Berry Tea Shop


where we chatted and enjoyed tea. I also had the most delicious cupcake.


We then shopped, and chatted some more, before stopping for lunch. Every shop keeper commented on the weather and it was lovely to sit outside in this little peaceful courtyard and enjoy our food.


Luckily Paola suggested it was time to go as I had no idea it was already 2pm, and I needed to be back to pick Amy up from the bus stop. Another lovely drive home.


Dinner tonight was nachos before I headed off to the basketball.


No-one else wanted to go so I went by myself. Great game, though I started getting some stomach pains on my way, so maybe I should have stayed at home. With the exception of the day ending with me feeling unwell, I had such a lovely indulgent day. It was most definitely a fabulous Friday.

5 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. i just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Berry!!! i dont get to go very often and prefer to go without the males!!! and don’t you just love the view when you come into Bombo!! instant de-stresser. glad you had a great day 🙂

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