A day in my life – 15th March, 2012


You’ll be glad to know that the Iditarod has now been won (by Dallas Seavey who we met in Anchorage last year) so I really should be getting back into regular blogging now.

I’ve been sleeping much better (due to my arthritis pain not being so bad) so slept till around 6am. Still dark now which takes some getting used to. Dogs out, tea made, and an Iditarod catch-up (though won it isn’t finished until the last musher arrives in Nome).


Kevin and Amy left at 7am and shortly after I was joined by Christy. We pottered around getting our jobs done and putting the birds out….


and making breakfast….


I opted for a 1/2 bagel with hummus, cheese and tomato. With tea of course.


Just after 8.30am Christy headed off to school. Shantel is away this week so she’s all on her lonesome.



I then went upstairs to get dressed. And Rosie was thrilled to be presented with an empty toilet roll.


I then got everyone attached to the trike.


and we headed off on a bike ride to the lake.


We’ve been having such a lovely sunny week – finally.


Back home I did some upper body exercises. Finally getting back into again.


Then showered and dressed before getting an orange (and a tea) for morning tea.


And you’ll be pleased to know that Bailey scored himself a toilet roll. I do have the strangest dogs.


After a rest and play on the laptop, I did some paperwork for the Uniform shop.


Then it was time to drag out a 30kg bag of food for the chickens.


Looks like they were hungry.


At 1.30pm I finally had some lunch. A falafel salad today.


I spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing as I’m trying not to overdo things and have my arthritis flair up again. Just before 3pm I headed out. And was pleased to see that Kevin had taken the bins down for me when he popped in earlier in the day.


Thought I’d better include one photo of me today. Even though I look pretty shocking with no make-up on and hair all pulled back.


Before collecting Amy from the bus stop, I dropped into the local shop to get some Billabongs (chocolate ice-creams for my US friends). The big supermarkets no longer sell them so I have to make a special trip here.


When we got back home I found Christy sitting at the kitchen table. Snack made and chess board all set up for a game. Amy was nice enough to play her.


And for the pups it was time of the month that Rosie dreads. She knows when I get out the container. Bailey is just eager for his treat but Rosie know that before the treat comes the flea treatment. I don’t know why she hates it so much – maybe the sensation or the smell. She’d been beside Bailey until she saw the container. She’s good though and will reluctantly come to me when I call her.


I made a start on dinner…


then got myself some afternoon tea…


Just after 5pm I ran the girls up to dance lessons.


It was such a lovely day I decided to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine and sit outside with a mag while I finished my tea.


I then bought the washing in and made some mashed potatoes and banana muffins while watching youtube videos.


Time for another cuppa. This time I made my Christmas tea.


Then at 7pm it was out again to pick up the girls. Such a gorgeous evening.


Finally home for the day I finished off our dinner and got the pups theirs.


Finally it was time to eat. I don’t normally do this pickup so have dinner ready when the girls get home. Tonight we didn’t sit down till around 7.30pm. Oh and the thing that looks like chicken is a quorn fillet :-).


After dinner the girls went off to watch TV and do their own thing. I got into my pj’s and had just started to watch some TV when Kevin arrived home. I watched Selling Houses Australia before heading to bed to read for just a little bit. All the exercise and busi-ness has tired me out. But boy does it feel good to be able to do these things again and not be in terrible pain by the end of the day.

4 thoughts on “A day in my life – 15th March, 2012

  1. Hi Libby – Glad to hear you feel up to exercising, hopefully it will help you manage your arthritis.
    Funny too about the doggy behaviour with the flea treatment. Dash isn’t so fussed on it either.
    And yes, we did have a lovely evening yesterday. Have a great weekend.

  2. I’m so glad you are feeling better Libby. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live with that pain.
    I love the toilet paper rolls. Our Yellow Lab would play with things like that till he was about 5 years old. Then he “grew up”. They are so amusing.

  3. I’m so glad you’re getting some relief from your arthritis pain. Have you been able to pinpoint what’s made the difference?

  4. Thanks for that post. Stunning pics. (yes, including you in the car, Libby. Beautiful skin and hair and nothing shocking about you)

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