Family Day Out to the Zoo


Sorry I’m behind again. Now that my arthritis is much better I’ve been getting busy around the house, trying to take advantage in case things change again. But I have lots of plans for posts, just need to get back into a routine.


With our annual Zoo pass due to expire at the end of the month we wanted to sneak in one last visit. I also wanted to test out my feet before we go the Sydney Easter Show in a few weeks. The weather forecast wasn’t the best but we didn’t let it deter us.


Sydney harbour is always so beautiful. We caught the ferry again since we enjoyed that so much on our last visit.



As we were lining up to get the gondola to the top the rain came in. Not to heavy but a drizzle none-the-less.


Even the giraffes were trying to keep dry.



It was nearly 11am and everyone was hungry, so we decided to have an early lunch.  Amy knew of a place that had vegetarian noodles so we headed there. Very yummy.


The rain had stopped so we were able to go check out the animals without battling umbrellas.





IMG_2074.JPG IMG_2076.JPG

As you can the see the day turned out beautiful and I was so glad we’d ignored the forecast.


There were 3 tiger cubs which were so fun to watch playing. Even Mum joined in chasing them around and letting them jump on her.

IMG_2082.JPG IMG_2083.JPG IMG_2086.JPG

We also found this gorgeous baby chick. So cute.


Around the corner there were a heap more.


Time for some afternoon tea. Kevin and I shared some carrot cake – which was absolutely delicious.


Christy was very keen to see the sea lion show again so we did.


Then it was time to head home.  We got a bit more rain on the ride back to Circular Quay but it was blue skies when we got there. Definitely a day for all seasons.


Today was a test for my feet. They were sore at the end but I was on my feet for over 4 hours and I wasn’t hobbling around or crying in pain, so I was really pleased. Still I’m not too sure how I’ll manage at the Easter show. We’ll see.



4 thoughts on “Family Day Out to the Zoo

  1. Looks like you had a lovely day. Now on Phillip Island. Love the photo of you with the girls and the one of Christy

  2. The best trips to the zoo for us were when the weather was overcast with some rain. Less crowds!

    Sydney Harbour looks beautiful. Hopefully I will get down there to see it one day!

  3. Hi Libby. I noticed your comment on Heather’s blog and thought I’d say hello as I live in Australia too. I love the name of your blog. I have a magnet on my fridge with that on it. I will definitely be checking out your travel posts. Have a lovely day. xxoo

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