The Week that Was


It was the week the week of sunny, blue skies and finally not much rain. It was the week the Iditarod was won (kindly at 2pm in the afternoon) by Dallas Seavey and life gradually returned to normal….


It was the week Amy’s Hunger Games posters exploded out of her bedroom and onto her door….


and the week Kevin bought me a new sewing machine… what a sweetie….


It was the week of crazy hair day for Amy…. in case you weren’t sure it was inspired by The Hunger Games….

IMG_1313.jpg IMG_1312.jpg

and the week Kevin bought the girls a (cheap) glass chess set and they have played many a game….


It was the week I walked Christy to school and got to see her “mini-me”….

IMG_1316.jpg IMG_1315.jpg

and it was the week of drying scuba gear as Amy did more of her course….


It was the week that not only did the brakes fail on my bike, but the pedal fell off as well….


and Kevin had to come to our rescue….


Finally it was the week of exercise EVERY day…including a few walks….



  1. Lisa says:

    Yay for walks and bike rides!
    And I love that your girls play chess. My parents taught me to play at a young age too !

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