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Today I’m sharing the organising projects that are awaiting my attention. Even though I’m able to get more done these days, I seem to spending the time exercising and playing in the kitchen, which means I’m still not getting to my to-do list. My goal is to get at least one thing tackled each week. Some are quite small jobs, some not-so-much.

In no particular order….

The pantry…again…. I’m in process of changing over to glass jars and am not quite sure how to organise everything now…


My desk drawers…the bottom one is packed full….


My scrapbook desk…these photos have been sitting here for at least 2 months…. the whole room needs doing but this will be a start….


The bathroom cupboard…. things need a big reoganisation once I get under the stairs done….


My wardrobe….again….


Laundry shelves…. a nice quick one….


This angled cupboard….totally not happy with how it’s working…


One of the biggest jobs…my study/everything room….


Under the stairs….there’s a lot of STUFF hiding right under as well….


Oh, dear, the linen cupboard….


Shelves in family room….thankfully another little project…


The craft cupboard….. a lot could really go now as the girls don’t do much crafting….


The loungeroom cupboard…. esp. the overflowing baskets….


Dear me, I’m going to busy for some time aren’t I? Guess this is what happens when you’re basically out of action (except for daily necessities) for over 6 months!

6 thoughts on “Around the house

  1. I love these posts Libby, they are very motivating to me. I am s-l-o-w-l-y changing over to glass jars in the pantry too. What a coincidence. I find it really hard to find jars out there that I like. What are your reasons for the change? What are you going to do with all your tupperware? Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Libby, glad to hear you are feeling much better. It’s amazing how quick things around the house can get out of hand when you aren’t able to do more than the bare necessities. Funny i was only looking around my place this morning at how everything has become such a mess in the past nine months whilst i’ve been waiting for surgery on both shoulders…think i will be looking at my mess for awhile yet! Would love to see photos of all your areas when you have whipped them into beautiful organised spaces. Wish the organising fairy would come for a visit!

  3. Ailsa,

    I was lucky to score most of these jars at the local cheap shop – but I bought pretty much all their stock so I’m on the look at for more now. I’m changing partly because you read so much about how bad plastic is (though Kevin doesn’t really agree) and partly because I really love to look of the glass. And it honestly gives me a lot of pleasure using them :-). As for the tupperware – it’s all stacked in my garage because I wanted to make sure I was happy with the glass – which I am. I’ll probably ask a few friends I know who use tupperware if they’d like some more. The rest I will just donate – esp. the smaller one that I don’t have any other uses for.

    Glad you enjoyed the post. I’m really trying to get back into almost daily blogging.


    I will definitely be sharing photos of the reorganised areas. I love doing stuff like this – makes me happy – so it’s been hard watching things slide like they have. But hopefully I have really turned a corner with the arthritis and things will continue to improve. 2 shoulders – wow – no wonder you aren’t able to get things done. That must be very frustrating for you.

  4. hey libby, ive just re-orged my WHOLE HOUSE !!!! every drawer has been culled, sorted and washed out. My pantry is fantstic now as is every kitchen cupboard and drawer. i went mad a fortnight ago and just didnt stop! I read its bad feng shui if you have clutter and it stops your energy flow. all i have to do is finish off some yukky paperwork of hubby’s business and my energy should be gushing around!!!! its such a good feeling. maybe thats why i havent been able to get back to the gym and dedicating myself to healthy eating? i’ll let you know if my energy changes! good luck with the re-org 🙂

  5. Wow! How do you know where to begin? I am sure, if I took photos of areas in our house, I’d be facing as much work (and I haven’t been laid up for 6 months)… Look forward to seeing the progress.

  6. That was great to take pictures of it all Libby. Now you can go back and see how much you really accomplished when it’s re-organized! I am slowly making the change to glass for the same reasons you are. I think it’s also nicer to see exactly what you have instead of being hidden behind plastic.

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