A day in my life – 31st March, 2012


Had a bit of sleep in this morning and didn’t get up until nearly 7am (yes, that’s definitely a sleep in for me). In fact I really only got up because Kevin was up getting ready. Kevin had called the dogs up so it was nice getting to snuggle with them.


Unfortunately Bailey decided to rub himself all over the bed and he was having so much fun I didn’t stop him…… oops…. lucky our bedding is getting due to be replaced….


After letting the dogs out it was time for a cup of tea


before saying goodbye to Amy and Kevin who were heading off for some more diving training.


Then some computer time. Got sidetracked watching Enrique videos.


Christy finally woke up just before 9am so I made her some french toast for breakfast.


then headed out with the dogs on the trike. Such a gorgeous day.


IMG_2204.jpg IMG_2206.jpg

After the dogs workout it was time for my workout. 15mins interval training on the exercise bike.


While Christy did some yoga…


and the dogs recovered from their run.


Time for a green smoothie while I cooled down…


and to hang out our bedding. Luckily I found a spare bottom sheet in the linen cupboard (Kevin bought a few cheap spare ones when Bailey was a destroying streak a while ago).


Not sure why but the pups love to lie beside the house in the sun.


I went up to have my shower and get dressed. Just I was finishing up around 11am I heard Kevin and Amy arrive back. They got to work washing all the scuba gear.


Amy is now officially an open water diver. So proud of her. She’s done really well with the course and managing her gear. And I love that Kevin and her have something special to do together.


I made myself a shopping list and Christy and I headed out. First stop was to return some library books.


Then to the supermarket. Christy’s mission was to see what she could buy with the money we would have given her for showbags. After researching the other night we realized they aren’t very good value these days and she could do much better buying EXACTLY what she wanted from the supermarket. This will last her for the whole of the school holidays and she’s so happy with her haul – which she isn’t allowed to touch until the Easter Show on Friday.


Groceries done, there was a stop at Bakers Delight before we headed home.


I got things put away and made lunch – which starred a very delicious baguette.


Kevin and the girls headed out to get a few things and I sat and put my feet up for a bit. Later I made some popcorn.


Kevin dropped the girls home and headed back out. Christy got to work on her project. Don’t you love the little hammer that Kevin got her?


I whipped up a batch of carrot cake muffins – healthy and yummy – I’ll share the recipe soon.


I also made some almond milk….


and cut up watermelon for everyone to eat. Kevin and Amy worked on a trident for a mufty day costume.


I fed the chooks and collected eggs. 15 today. Only 9 chickens so I must have missed collection yesterday :-).


I started dinner. Lisa’s Honey Pumpkin Risotto – which is now a family favourite.




Okay, it’s actually not everyone’s favourite. We’ve been getting tough with Christy and making her eat ALL the dinner I serve her (which isn’t very much). She now has the choice between eating dinner or going to bed early. She almost went to bed tonight, but being family night and knowing we had ice-cream for dessert, she finally ate it all. While we were waiting for her to finish (you can see her at the table) I sorted out my magazines.


I then got into my pjs and painted my nails China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (flurescent orange – much to Amy’s disgust). Then finally it was time for movie night. Having watched Back to the Future I and II last weeken it was time for no. III.


Midway through we had intermission for some ice cream. I haven’t had any for nearly a month so it was very much enjoyed, esp as it came with an Easter egg.


After the movie everyone headed up to bed. I let the dogs out and got the kitchen all cleaned up. LOVE when it looks like this.


I ended up starting a new book – The Lance Mackey (of Iditarod fame) Story – which I bought in Alaska last year. Such a fascinating man. Loving the book so far. Had to force myself to put it down around 11pm.

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  1. I have so enjoyed reading your blog posts. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family and country with me. Your pictures are beautiful. I find myself wishing I could have some of your sunshine. I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and we have been having a very rainy and snowy winter and spring so far.

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