Family Fun Day at Jamberoo


Finally the weather co-operated and we were able to get to Jamberoo Action Park. We’ve had the worst Summer but so far a brilliant Autumn. For some unknown reason I have hardly any photos to share. Maybe I was having too much fun or too relaxed.


We discovered that half the park now has heated water which was just gorgeous. Kevin and I were too chicken to brave the unheated part but the girls did. And Christy was thrilled to discover that she is now tall enough to ride the tobaggons by herself – which of course she did a number of time.


The girls have been getting on really well this week and it makes me so happy to see them enjoy spending time with one another.


Unfortunately it clouded over and cooled down around 2pm and we ended up leaving around 3.30pm


Until next Summer…..

3 thoughts on “Family Fun Day at Jamberoo

  1. Libby I have friends who were planning on going there on Sat and some other friends were going on Sunday. It’s a small world isn’t it?

  2. That looks like such a fun place. It’s so strange to hear you talk about Autumn while we are just getting into Spring and anxious for Summer to get here~!!

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