The Week that was

It was the week that all about beautiful skies and lovely, warm days. Summer has finally arrived….just a few months late.


I’ve been alternating between riding and walking and love going to the lake each day.


It’s just magical.

IMG_1399.JPG IMG_2202.JPGIMG_1401.JPG

It was the week I got some fun mail – planning books and a DVD for Disneyworld….


I got even more excited when I saw that it was personalized. Gotta love those Disney touches…..


It was the week we went to Jamberoo….


and enjoyed a nice cheese and fruit platter for afternoon tea…


And this week it’s Rosie’s turn to be the featured Goldie…

IMG_2188.jpg IMG_1384.JPG

It was also the week I didn’t seem to take a lot of photos…. besides a day in my life :-).

2 thoughts on “The Week that was

  1. Hi Libby,
    I noticed on your bio that you love Disney. I too am a huge Disney Fan. I have been to Disney world only once when I was 16. But I have been to disneyland 12 times. I love it! I have a curio cabinet full of all kinds of stuff collected over the years from trips to Disneyland. I just ordered my trip planning kit, too. I’m excited that you get to go. My Hubby and I started dating while on a band trip to Disneyland, in highschool, so we celebrated our 25th anniversary there a few years ago.
    okay… sorry about the rambling on and on 🙂
    have fun planning your trip,

  2. Hello Libby
    What a stunning photo the first one is – how early or how late in the day was it taken and do you have far to go to see the lake?
    Have to agree with Carla, there’s something about Disneyland that is attractive to adults as well as kids – we’ve been to LA there several times and its always been on our list of things to do.
    One of our grandchildren is visiting Paris Disneyworld next week, it has been organised it as a treat to finish off their School Band Tour England. I’m sure its going to be a hit with all the students even tho’ most of them are around 18 years old lol
    Take care

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