Easter Holidays – Lunch and science

After our late night at the show we took it easy this morning and then met the Powells (with Christy) at the Nan Tien Temple.

IMG_2482.jpg IMG_2485.jpg

We explore, watched the fish, took some photos…

IMG_2496.JPG IMG_2497.JPG

then had lunch at the cafe.


I had my usual “mince” with rice.



After lunch we made our way to the Wollongong Science Center.

IMG_2503.JPG IMG_2506.jpg IMG_2508.jpg IMG_2516.JPG IMG_2519.JPG

After the kids (big and little) played and we watched a science show, we had a cup of tea outside….


then watched another show in the observatory. It’s been ages since I’ve seen anything in here and it was really good. Shame I was so tired though as I ended up dozing off for a bit :-).


We headed home at 4pm. Later the guys cooked a BBQ dinner and later again Amy made up a yummy dessert.

IMG_2527.JPG IMG_2528.JPG