The week that was

It was the week of rail station pick ups…when Amy went to the Easter show (the day before we went with the Powells) for a school excursion…


and the week the girls painted eggs….


It was the week I discovered some strawberries growing in the garden….crazy that they think it’s Spring/Summer…


and I had a manicure turn bumpy…haven’t had this happen in ages…


It was the week we went the Easter show and saw lots of cute animals…


and the week of Christy’s cross country carnival….

IMG_2284.JPG IMG_2281.JPG

It was the week of a pre-Easter egg hunt….

IMG_1465.jpg IMG_2291.JPG IMG_2308.JPG

and the week Amy went as Finnick (from The Hunger Games) for an aquatic themed mufti day….

IMG_1448.jpg IMG_1449.jpg

It was the week I couldn’t bare to part with 2 of Christy’s childhood toys….


and the week of gorgeous sunsets….


And it was the week there were puppies excited for Easter…


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  1. Hi Libby looks like you had a lovely easter. Having sore feet myself I wondered how you coped at the show. I had a really quiet easter as I had the flu. Had big plans ended up sleeping most of it so Im really behind in my blog reading lol. If I get my housework and bookwork up to date will finally catch up with everyone. Have a great weekend

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