Holiday by the sea – part 1


I’m not even sure if I mentioned on my blog that we are currently on holiday in Nan & Pop’s van. Just 30mins from home – which everyone thinks is so funny. But it’s a gorgeous part of the world, and it was very handy when Kevin had to come to the rescue to fix my internet (and return the next morning to pick up his laptop bag that he left behind). This was my childhood holiday spot so always has wonderful memories.

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It’s been a pretty quiet week, with a cold start but warming up nicely now. And nothing like our last holiday here – thank goodness.The girls have made some friends and I’ve done some reading. I’ve not been having the best holiday but things seem to be improving. I have threatened so many time about going home! And I’ve been reminising about other holidays in the van, when the girls were younger and needed me and other trips when we’ve travelled with Nan & Pop.  But a view like this out the window helps to make up for things.


We did manage to get out for a walk on the rocks.

IMG_2571.JPG  IMG_2572.JPGIMG_2560.JPGIMG_2567.jpg

Do you see us waving hello?


Oh, I do love to be beside the seaside…. never fails to make me happy.


And there have been some lovely sunsets….

IMG_2592.JPG IMG_2593.JPG

The girls have been swimming and we’re hoping to do more over the next few days now that it’s warming up. Today Amy had to go to school for a dance practice and I took Christy horseriding (post to follow) and I feel much better about things. Looking forward to the last few days.



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  1. I hope you have a wonderful time. It looks ike a beautiful place. I too love the beach. I can’t wait for our weather to warm up enough so we can go.

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