Chirsty’s first “proper” horse ride

Christy has been madly in love with horses for some time and has been wanting to have lessons (like her friend Shantel). She got a taste in Fiji when she was lead on a horse along the beach. With Amy having to attend a school dance rehearsal yesterday I thought it the perfect opportunity to take her for her first proper ride. She was so excited when I told her she wouldn’t be led this time.

Otford Farm Meeting Narla Riding Narla

She had a wonderful time and is very keen to go again. Shame it’s so expensive. Afterwards we stopped at Stanwell tops to enjoy the view over Wollongong.

At Stanwell Tops

I really do live in a gorgeous part of the world. This is about 30mins north of where we live. Kiama, where we are holidaying, is 30mins south.

Veiw over Wollongong

Of course, you can’t stop here without getting a choc-top ice-cream. A treat with a view. Yum.

Great day for an ice cream

We then picked up Amy and headed back to Kiama.

3 thoughts on “Chirsty’s first “proper” horse ride

  1. Hi Libby, what gorgeous scenery you have so close to home. So lucky. I can fully understand Christy’s love for horses, i was lucky enough to start riding lessons at 11 and got my first horse at 16. It is a very expensive hobby, but also very addicting, once you have horses in your blood…they are there forever. I sold my last horse when my youngest was born with a newborn and a seriously ill toddler and suddenly finding myself on my own…well sadly my horse had to go, but even to this day still totally horse mad :)So is Christy even more keen for more riding lessons now? Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful holiday! My daughter rode for a while but it got more expensive than we cold afford. You really do live in a beautiful spot! I can never tire of seeing those pictures.

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