Holiday by the Sea – Part 2


The second part of our holiday saw much warmer weather which meant a few trips to the beach – which was all of a 2 min walk away.

IMG_2665.JPG  IMG_2624.jpgIMG_2677.JPGIMG_2674.JPG IMG_2670.JPG

And the girls made some friends….which meant I hardly saw them again….


There was some bubble blowing….


and plaster painting….


and lots of riding around on scooters….


There was another walk along the rocks, but when I fell (hard on my bum) I decided that with my arthritis my rocking climbing days might just be over.

IMG_2638.JPG IMG_2640.JPGIMG_2639.JPG

Almost every night we had a stunning sunset.

IMG_2663.JPG IMG_2662.JPG

And around the park there were still some gorgeous flowers to be seen.

IMG_2659.JPG IMG_2641.JPG

It was an odd week. It was relaxing for me and I got a lot of reading done. But I struggled the first few days, then the girls got friends and I got a little lonely. Overall it was a good holiday and we came home just before the rain started back up again. Unfortunately though I’m now battling a cold and possibly the start of sinusitis (which I DO NOT want to have ever again). Luckily I seem to be winning the battle and am looking forward to enjoying the remainder of the school holidays.