Project Reorganise – the wardrobe

Before Easter and our holiday I manage to find a half day to work on my walk-in-wardrobe.

I know some of you prefer photos to video so I decided to do both.

IMG_2255.jpg IMG_2256.jpg IMG_2257.jpg

This time around I followed the online class by Aby Garvey calledOrganise Your Closet. It really is a good course if you don’t know to go about organising your wardrobe or, as I did, just want to pickup some extra ideas. One thing I did, which I never have before, is to TOTALLY empty out the wardrobe.


I sorted everything into like piles, went through and pulled items to donate, and put them back – moving some items around. I also swapped out the plastic containers for more woven ones.

IMG_2275.jpg IMG_2273.jpg IMG_2274.jpg

And I tidied my shoes.


If you want to know more about the process I went through please watch the video.

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