A day in my life – 25th April, 2012

Today started just like any other – waking around 6am, dogs out, tea make and youtube videos watched. Had to use the blanket this morning as it was COLD!


It’s an Anzac Day so a public holiday. Gradually, one by one my family appeared.


Amy was first downstairs and made some french toast for her breakfast.


Kevin was next but went next door to do some computer work. I was starving and  had a hankering for pancakes and tried to find a healthier version. These were banana wholemeal pancakes. I ate half of one and let’s just say the dogs are going to have the rest for dinner.


I went over to see what Kevin was up to and to find out how my Granny is going. Bailey had a snooze. I was there about an hour.


Back home I found Christy finally up and I got on with making Anzac biscuits.


Kevin decided he wanted some in donut style so Christy and he prepared those.


It was nearly 12pm when I got the washing out. Luckily it’s very windy today so it should still dry before dark.


The pups lay out for a bit – it was nice in the sun. Christy had spilt a drink on the couch so the cushions were out drying.


We were meeting Nan & Pop for lunch at 1pm so I just had tea and banana to tied me over.


The cookies/donuts were ready.


and I took some panedine as I had a killer headache.


I then got changed before we headed off to lunch at a nearby Thai Restaurant.

IMG_2726.JPG IMG_2727.JPG

The food is always so good here. And we had a good chat. With my Granny in hospital I haven’t seen a lot of my Mum & Dad lately.

IMG_2728.JPG IMG_2730.JPG

Amy left with Nan & Pop to go visit Granny and back home we made a discovery. My pain meds. Luckily he hadn’t eaten any.


Even though it was only 3pm Kevin and I decided to enjoy a spa…


before getting into our jammies.


We spent some time playing on our laptops. I was doing research for our upcoming Disney World trip. It’s only 7 months away so I need to be starting on my plans.


Later we enjoyed some tea and anzac cookies.


and some watermelon. I always take the rind out for the chooks. They love it.


While there I collected the eggs. We’re getting 6-7 a days!!!!


Kevin must have known something this morning when he bought the heater out. We definitely needed it this afternoon.


Around 6pm I got the dogs their dinner.


Amy had gone to sleep over at Nan’s. So I prepared some potatoes, topped with TVP bolognase sauce for our dinner. Christy was watching the Power Puff Girls, so Kevin & I watched some more episodes of Becoming Erica.


Later Christy joined us, and Rosie, on the couch and we watched Selling Houses and Bondi Rescue.


Christy went up to bed at 8.30pm and we watched another episode of Becoming Erica before going to bed ourselves. I didn’t even get much reader done before it was lights out for me.


3 thoughts on “A day in my life – 25th April, 2012

  1. Loving those fresh eggs you collect every day!

    I’d love to have chooks but our yard is too small 🙁

  2. So lucky getting all those eggs! My chooks have started moulting and i’ve had no eggs for a couple of weeks :(. Bailey and Rosie always look so soft and fluffy – how do you manage to keep their coats so good? No matter how much i brush BJ he sheds copious amounts around the house and his coat especially under his belly gets so knotted, and he is the world’s biggest sook and hates being brushed. Hope you are feeling better with your arthritis, i know mine is playing up now that we are getting colder weather. Love your flowers on your coffee table…so bright and cheery!

  3. I am just catching up on all your posts!

    I love how your girls just cook on their own. Very nice!

    Hope your grandmother is feeling better. My grandpa just turned 99 and is in assisted living. He amazes me.

    I love Instagram! I’m Knit1Spin2 if you want to follow me.

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