A Day in my Life – 7th May, 2012

Up just after 6am this morning. Bailey likes to lie out for awhile and come and bark at the door when he’s ready to come back in. Of course, he nearly always waits until I’m settled with my laptop and tea.


Normal before school routine with Kevin and Amy heading off just after 7am. Christy emptied the dishwasher – she’s now earning some extra pocket money for doing this job each morning.


We then had breakfast. Overnight oats for me. Never pretty but they taste oh-so good.


You know I never noticed the little feet on the tablecloth until this morning when Christy and I were examining it. While eating I started to compose todays to-do list.


At 8.30 the girls headed to school and the pups and I headed out on our walk.


Gorgeous down at the lake this morning. The sky was full of dark clouds with the sun trying to poke through.


And I was so excited to see this little duck family with Mum & Dad at the front and back of the line. So cute.


Back home I did a quick vacuum of the main living areas.


And went upstairs to shower and get dressed. I was pleasantly surprised to find Kevin had made the bed. Not something he normally does.


Today I’m sporting my new “happy” socks as it’s a bit on the cooler side.


Then time to tackle the linen cupboard. Have a few bags of linens to donate now.

IMG_2772.jpg IMG_2776.jpg

Next up a cuddle break with Rosie. She looks impressed doesn’t she?


Next job is to haul out a bale of hay for the chooks, and clean out their house.


I was pretty tired by now so glad to have an easy lunch. I scored the veggie pie that Kevin didn’t have last night. These are the best veggie pies ever but we don’t get them very often as the bakery is a 20min drive away (which is a long way in Wollongong).


As I ate I worked on plans for Disneyworld.


I then headed to the scrapbook room where the pups quickly found spots on the lounge for an afternoon nap….


while I did a bit of scrapbooking.


Before I knew it, it was 3pm and time to go collect Amy from the bus stop.


She come desperate to get the next book in the series of the book she’d just finished.


Christy was already home when we got back. I got to work on dinner. Country grain casserole tonight. Love this because you just chop everything up and throw it in a casserole dish to cook.


I then had to curl Christy’s hair for the school disco tonight. They were supposed to wear a hat or fancy hair.


Doesn’t she look gorgeous?


We had another awesome sunset tonight. I was tempted to go get in the car and drive to the top of street for a better view, but I didn’t.


Hmmm…does someone look guilty? I left a muffin on the coffee table while in the kitchen for a few minutes and came back to find it missing.


Lucky there was one last one left. Rosie took a shine to that one and climbed right onto Kevin’s lap! She was so cute I had to give her a little bit.


We had to attend a meeting at Amy’s school so Christy headed next door so Pop could take her up the disco a bit later.


The meeting was about a proposed 3 week excursion to Germany next year. Nan & Pop generously offered to pay for Amy so if it goes ahead, she’ll definitely be going. And…. Kevin and I are thinking about tagging along. It’s a great price so a wonderful opportunity. Amy doesn’t mind. She knows we won’t cramp her style. Anyway, still thinking about it at this stage.


We got back home just before 7.3opm so quickly heated up and enjoyed dinner, before Amy & Kevin went to collect Christy.


I went to pick up the dogs and find out how my Granny is doing. Not the best it seems – very up and down from day to day. There is talk of her moving into rehabilitation next week though so that is good news. When I got back everyone was home and Amy was icing the cake she had made earlier.


You’ll never guess who the cake is for. Katniss from The Hunger Games. Her birthday is tomorrow apparently and Amy wanted to take in a cake to share with her friends at school. Now that’s a diehard Hunger Games fan.


I went up to get ready for bed and painted my nails. Opi’s Mermaid Tears today – one of my favs.


It’s been a long day so I was glad to finally be able to relax and put my feet up while we watched an episode of Recruits (about the police force).


Then it was off to bed with a cup of tea about 9pm. And I finally got my book finished tonight – I’ve been falling asleep after just a few pages the last few nights.

5 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 7th May, 2012

  1. So many things in that post!

    Hugs for your granny.
    Amy, awesome school excursion…I went to Janolin Caves overnight when I was at Smith’s Hill (but that was about 100 years ago!!)
    And Kevin…I’m thinking that you need a bed making refresher course LOL

    Jody xx

    ps: did you get my email about camp whuck-a-chuck Libby?

  2. luv reading yr day in the life !!!! how do you do yr overnight oats? in the croc pot? recipe ?? !!!! thanx 🙂

  3. I am always so impressed with how much you get done! The pictures of the dogs are so cute! Your trip to Disney looks action packed!

  4. Sorry to hear about your granny, hope she continues to improve each day. Stunning photos of the lake. I love love love seeing your photos of Rosie and Bailey – today’s ones made me laugh – just gorgeous. You managed to get so much done in one day, wish I could be as productive! Would also love to know how you do your overnight oats? How lucky is Amy to be able to go to Germany! Hope Christy enjoyed her disco, her hair looked great.

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