Update on Goals for 2012


Donna over at Knit1Spin1  just did a blog post on how her goals for the year were progressing and I thought it was a brilliant idea. Esp. being 1/3 the way through 2012. Hoping it helps me to refocus and get a move along.


Make time for hobbies that I truly enjoy    Yes, I’ve been doing this.

Have more quiet time – relaxing in sun, sitting on beach, having baths, walking (when able)  Yes, esp. the relaxing the sun and getting out for some walks.

Read and review at least one book a month (romances not included :-)No, though I’ve read quite a few non-romance books I totally forgot I planned to review them. Will get onto this.

Sort out all our home movies and put them into iMovie    Not started yet

Plan a wonderful trip to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary in Dec  Underway

Possibly try horse-riding (haven’t been since I was a teen) and scuba diving (had a panic attack last time)   Neither yet

Complete ALL online classes that I sign up for   Oops…. guess I can still get to them….



Tackle my weight gain once and for all    Not yet, I’ve lost a few kilos but it’s painfully slow so I need to take things up a notch and get more focused.

Remove all junk/over processed food from the house  Pretty much – yay!!!

Simplify the way we eat – healthy, wholesome, homemade food, fruit & veg for snacks, make treats really treats   Getting there

Work out more simplified exercise routine including yoga, cardio and weights.   Made a start but need to get back into again. Hard with arthritis. Need a back up plan for bad days.

Try a different type of exercise – eg swimming, aqua-aerobics    Not yet



Simplify homemaking routines   Yes. I now have a cleaner (which has been a huge help) and seem to have developed a good day-to-day routine.

Revise budget and stick to it   Doing well –  back onto a cash budget system again.

Help the girls to develop, and stick with, their own routines    This is very frustrating but I think we’re getting there.

Reorganise the spare room (again). Going to make it MY room for nail polish, exercise stuff, sewing, etc.   Have made a good start



Meet at least 1 new online friend    Not as yet, though I did meet a heap of local bloggers

Monthly day out with Mum   No, haven’t done this all 🙁

Weekly Family Movie Night (Sat)   YES!!!

Weekly Family Documentary Night (Sun)  We started, then stopped. Need to restart.

Monthly Family Fun Day Out  Probably

Invite a friend over at least once a month   No

Organise craft weekend for my friends   No, not sure it will happen now

Have a weekend away with family every other month   Did Jan and April


**** I’ve actually done a lot better with these goals than I thought. But there were a few I’d forgotten about so it really was good to revisit them.  How are you all going with your goals for the year?

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  1. By Paola, May 10, 2012 @ 9:18 pm

    Hi Libby, it’s funny that we both have planned a US trip for our 20th anniversaries. We had a great time, and I can understand. Why you love Disney so much. It’s amazing isn’t ‘t it? Look for ward to catching up – happy to come up to your neck of the woods.