The week that was

It always amazes me how quickly it comes time to write up this post each week. Just scary.

It was the week of unseasonably hot weather and a cold turn by the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the warm/hot days though….


It actually ended up being 26 deg on Friday – just crazy…


It was the week we visited the dog wash…


and the week of Christy’s school disco…


It was the week of a pizza pickup in the name of Amy Hawthorne… those who have the read The Hunger Games will understand….


and the week of our organic delivery….


It was the week of gorgeous days…

IMG_1918.JPG IMG_1919.jpg

and stunning sunsets….

IMG_1900.JPG IMG_2834.JPG

It was the week Kevin installed doorbells in the girls room…. when we ring them they have to come downstairs…. saves yelling through the house….


and it was the week Christy and Shantel went for a swim…. on one of the cold days….


It was the week of funny goldens…


IMG_1926.JPG  IMG_1932.jpg

and the week of a Mothers Day photo with my furbabies… except we couldn’t get both of them to sit still at the same times….


One thought on “The week that was

  1. I love the doorbells in the kids rooms! That makes me smile. I’ve often thought of a cowbell at the backdoor, so I can summon Neil for meals/phone calls etc when he is out and about on the acreage. At the moment I go outside and “coo-ee”.

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