The Week that Was

Oh dear. I knew I hadn’t been around much but I didn’t realize I wasn’t here all week. Nothing major has happened but I was busy and feeling a little lost and sorry for myself (weight related of course). I think I might make it a challenge to blog every day in June to get back in the swing of things.

It was the week of lovely skies, though we did finally get some rain one day….


and almost daily walks or rides to the lake….

IMG_2027.jpg IMG_2070.jpg

It was the week of a few visits to see my Granny in hospital (as my Mum & Dad are away)….


and the week of medical appointments….first to see my GP….


and then my Rheumatologist (who is retrying me on anti-inflammatories and has ordered more tests)….


It was the week of a big delivery of organic fruit and veg…


and the sighting of Galaxy Minstrels in Coles… these are one of my fav. UK chocolates..I had to buy one packet to share but that’s it!!!!


It was the week I got to catch up with Paola and hear all about her recent trip to the USA…. we started with morning tea at my place and then headed to the Nan Tien Temple for lunch….


It was the week Christy conducted an experiment for school….


and the week this cute dove crushed into our glass door….


It was the week the puppies celebrated their birthdays… Rosie turned 6 and Bailey turned 4….


there was a cake made by Amy….

IMG_2926.JPG IMG_2940.JPG

and some new toys to play with destroy….


And it was the week Christy participated in walk to school day…

IMG_2037.jpg IMG_2038.jpg

3 thoughts on “The Week that Was

  1. Hello Libby
    How lovely to see Paola – I won a gardening book in a give away on her blog a couple of years ago,
    It’s amazing how quickly the weeks can slip by and we don’t notice it. Looks like you had a good one tho’ – lots of exercise under those lovely blue skies, much nicer looking than the ones we had down here – tho’ if you are looking for rain we have plenty to spare! Lucky for Christie she had clear skies the day she took the walking bus to school
    Take care

  2. OOOoooooohhhh I love Galaxy Minstrels too!!! Yum!!! It’s been a while since I have had them! Happy Birthday to the puppies! I call my two puppies still as well LOL!

    Just trying to catch up on your blog 🙂

    You are such a good blogger, I am terrible at it 😉

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