A day in my Life – 1st June, 2012


So excited a few of you are joining me in my June challenge. Let me know if you’re participating and I’ll put a list together so we can support each other.

It’s so hard getting out of bed in the mornings these days.


On top of my normal routine I put the heater on for Bailey…


and let the chickens out. I’ve actually been locking them in at night because they kept sleeping outside.


Another gorgeous sunrise I don’t get to fully enjoy.


Amy was up and getting her lunch and breakfast organised. She and Kevin headed off at 7am.


Christy was down shortly afterwards making her own breakfast.


I was feeling pretty poorly this morning (due to my arthritis) so hung out on my laptop for awhile. I even booked our first lunch at Disneyworld with Winnie the Pooh and friends :-).


After Christy headed off to school I made an effort to get my morning chores completed and took up some of Amy’s clothes to her room.


I then indulged in a nice, warm bath as I find that really helps with the pain.


It worked, and after I got dressed and put on a load of washing, I took the dogs out on a walk.


Such a gorgeous first day of Winter. I was even wearing a t-shirt.


It was a bit of a slower walk than normal – I didn’t even wear my proper walking shoes. But it felt good to out and moving in the fresh air.


Back home, around 11am, and I was finally interested in eating breakfast. Half a bagel with hummus and cheese and a cup of tea.


I played more on the computer until it was time to head off….


for a facial. Just what I needed as I was also battling a bad headache this morning. I left Fran, my beautician, feeling very mellow and relaxed. And with super shiny skin and greasy hair (hence the lack of photos of me today).


Love coming home and seeing these guys waiting at the door.


And Rosie always has to bring us not one, but two, toys.


I made myself a late lunch with last nights leftovers in a wrap.


Then it was time to go and get the girls from school. We collected Christy on the way home as well.


I was looking at the weeks forecast….hmmm… not looking so good….


so I quickly took a bale of straw out for the chickens so their yard doesn’t turn into a big mud puddle. Love how they don’t worry about Bailey exploring their yard.


I then went over to have a chat with Mum & Dad before returning home to put the chickens to bed. Gets dark so early now – just after 5pm.


Time to put my jammies on and wait for Kevin to get home.  Don’t you just love my socks and crocs? 🙂 I’m a good girl and always wear my shoes.


The girls have dinner at Nan & Pop’s on Friday nights (and Amy was sleeping over) so we had a very easy dinner of a cheese omelette, which Kevin played with helped to prepare.


We ate while watching Flying Wild Alaska.


Then Christy was VERY excited to watch this weeks episodes of Got To Dance.


Kevin headed up to bed around 8.30pm and Christy and I around 9.15pm. I then started on the latest Sookie Stackhouse book and read until 10.30pm when I made myself turn off the kindle :-).


  1. Linda J says:

    what a gorgeous pic of Christy laughing on the lounge!

    you’re such a talented photographer, Libby. I reckon you should sneak more shots of the girls when they’re not looking. Not to publish without their permission, lol, but to capture their unguarded loveliness.

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