Recipe Folder Revamp

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Todays post is all about revamping my recipe folders. It’s been a work in progress for some time and I last did a major re-sort over 2 years ago. As you can see things are looking a bit messy. And Amy is always complaining she doesn’t know where to find things.

IMG_3040.jpg IMG_3041.JPG

The first step was buying some new folders and breaking things down. I now have

– one folder for main meals (which are are favourites)

– one for bread, dips, salad and soup

– one for recipes still to try

– one for baking

– and one for my whole foods class recipes.

I put dividers into the folders and sorted the baking folder by muffins, biscuits/cookies, slices, cakes.


Then it was time to make them pretty. I got some co-ordinating papers and cut them down to size.


Don’t they look great? I have done a cover like this once before but don’t be surprised if you see a lot more from now on. It was SO EASY and the plain white binders were about half the price of the pretty coloured ones I nearly bought.


Last step was labelling the folders. I don’t expect to hear any complaints from Amy now.  I’m so happy with how it turned out. Pretty and functional, and best of all, so easy.

IMG_3090.jpg  IMG_3089.JPG

I also put together a video of the process if you’re interested.

3 thoughts on “Recipe Folder Revamp

  1. Oooh I love this Libby! Looks great!! I would love to do this with my collection. I never know exactly how to organise it!! I keep thinking online is the way to go and then I think it’s got to be paper. Soooo indecisive!

  2. Love these Libby and plan to do this to mine this week. Quick question though, what type of dividers did you use? I always find it hard to find the right ones when using plastic slips in folders. Thanks 🙂

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