Clean eating and organic food

For a few weeks now I’ve been trying to get my head into gear and back on track with my eating. After a few months of eating really well (little additives and preservatives and watching my snacking) I got very frustrated with my VERY slow weight lossĀ  and started to rebel. I learned last week that the pain meds I take for arthritis can cause weight gain. I’m pretty sure this is what happened to me. Now that I know this I can hopefully accept a slow weight loss as being a good thing.

I’ve been trying to work out the best form of attack – Weight Watchers, Tone It Up, etc but I keep coming back to eating clean organic foods and limiting snacking. My meals are pretty good overall, just need to tighten up those snacks.


As you can see I have lots of books to reference, plus Heather’s Whole Foods class that I took a while back, and some other online resources and magazines. There is certainly no lack of inspiration out there but I need to make this my journey and not compare myself to others.


Our home is chock full of good nutritious foods and we still get an organic delivery each week do it really should be easy for me to do. Not to mention that I LOVE healthy foods.


We all know that we need to approach a new eating plan as a way of life and I really am going to focus on this. From now on I’m going to eat the way I intent to eat forever. There will be times when I enjoy a yummy treat, but most of the time I will eat small amounts of clean, organic foods. This will be good for my arthitis and for my weight.


And I’ll just have to prove that the pain meds don’t mean I can’t lose weight. Picturing a “new” photo at Disneyworld is a BIG motivator.



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