Packing Toiletries for Travel

I’m not sure why but last week I was determined to reorganise my travel toiletry bag. Are we going anywhere soon? NO. Maybe it was wishful thinking as this is the first year since 2007 that we won’t have been away in Winter :-(.

This is what normally lives in my toiletry bag. With the exception of my brush it’s travel size containers of all my normal beauty/body products.


I recently splurged and bought a new bag set from Priceline. Again, I think it was due to that wishful thinking. The bag is not as good (for me) as the one I had before but I think it will work.


Luckily everything fits.


But you actually have to pack everything on one side to close it up without everything falling out.


Would like to see exactly what I pack? This would be in the bag for a 1-4 night stay. I keep stuff for in the shower in the clear zippered pouch that you can see above.

IMG_3061.JPG IMG_3062.JPGIMG_3066.JPG   IMG_3063.JPG

Some sample sizes of face masks and moisturiers.


Some of the following would be removed if not needed.


I keep all sample and gift products in a drawer so I can swap out and grab as needed. It’s actually my goal at the moment to use up most of this instead of keeping for travel, as I keep getting more.


Ah, now what about makeup? I have these matching bags for makeup and the small one for jewellery.


I forgot to take a photo before putting it into the bag but it’s just the basics. The jewellery bag even fits in on top. These bags don’t stay packed as they are my everyday products.


Now what about those longer trips? I have this great big pink bag (it’s actually a dance bag) that I can put other smaller bags inside of. I used this in Alaska last year and it worked great.


There is a hook so the bag can even be hung open and things grabbed straight from it.


When I pack for Disneyworld I’ll be sure to show you this bag in action. Obviously I might need bigger bottles of product (depending on the length of the trip) and just swap out sizes as required. And add a big bottle of suncream and a selection of nail polishes. For our 6 week trip to the UK I took full size products and shared with Amy so we used it all up while we were away and didn’t have to bring it home. We then restocked with duty free :-).

Please let me know if you have any questions or any wonderful ideas for me to incorporate.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I wonder if you take anything on as hand luggage on the place as there is a limit of what you can due to security reasons? I am actually taking my first international flight to NYC in 7 weeks so would love your thoughts on this as a seasoned traveler.

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