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As you know I LOVE taking photos – both of everyday life and events and of our travels. I’ve never been one just to take photos and forget about them, which I guess is why I was drawn to scrapbooking. But my favourite way to share photos, besides on my blog, is to display them in my home. And until going around the house to take photos for this post I didn’t realize just how many I have displayed – and in different ways.

I apologise in advance for all the glare from the photo frames!!!

The first you thing you see upon entering our home is photos. The canvases that were just recently added to the stairwell and a frame photo of the girls.


Everyone coming into our home loves this portrait taken when Amy was about 5 and Christy 2.5.


Then at the top of the stairs is photo collages from some of our more recent trips. I had these printed at snapfish then mounted at a frame shop. The two on either end have yet to visit the frame shop.


After our next trip I’ll do collages for disneyworld and Alaska and get the 4 mounted in a second row.


I often stop here (it’s right outside our bedroom) and look at all the little photos – so many wonderful memories.


Of course you’ll find some more photos in our bedroom.


I’m waiting to get some new canvases here.


And both the girls have a number of frames.


The loungeroom has lots of canvas frames. If you’re wondering how we can afford so many it’s because Kevin can print and mount them himself – which is also why I have to wait to get more printed :-).


These are the ones I face when sitting in my spot.


There are a few frames above the TV.


The one beside it is a digital frame – which I love looking at as it rotates through photos. I update this every few months.


I think the family room probably has the most photos. We’ve got the wonderful display above the TV, showcasing our travels.


And plenty of frames in the two bookshelves.

IMG_3128.JPG IMG_3126.JPG

Notice that one on the wall. Probably my oldest frame/collage with photos from our honeymoon. How young do we look?


Not quite finished yet…. there are other frames scattered throughout the house.

IMG_3119.JPG IMG_3125.JPG

So, how do you showcase and enjoy your photos?


  1. Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me says:

    LOVE the collages of your holidays. What an awesome reminder of the good times you’ve all had 🙂 We have a few photos around the house but I have been meaning to get more printed and framed. Also have been wanting to get some of my Instagram photos printed as a collage.

  2. Paola says:

    What a great post – I love your creativity with your photos! I scrapbook our family photos, and we have a few family photos from our travels around the place. That’s about it.

  3. mum of all trades says:

    I love this! They all look amazing and you are so right to have them all displayed like this, it makes your home all about your family. I love lots of picture in my home, but I have far too many that are not displayed, I really need to get some of them framed over the summer.

  4. chantel says:

    Oh Libby, that looks great! I love to come visit you one day and see it all in the flesh 🙂 x

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