A Day in the life – 14th June, 2012

Up really early this morning – around 4.30am!!! I don’t mind 5am but before that is getting a bit too early. Got plenty of videos watched on youtube though. Kevin joined me around 6am – so he was up early too.


Took my meds and had a cup of tea.


When Amy came down she had to complete her Germany excursion forms and then she and Kevin left at 7am.


It was another dreary morning out – looks much brighter in this photo.


I went up to check on Christy – who was still in bed and not too happy to be woken up. I left her to get ready.


and went to make my bed and shower and get dressed.


Of course, my best buds came with me.


Time to get the washing on.


and the budgies fed – gee, do you think they were hungry?


I then sat with Christy and had breakfast. Had a craving for crumpets are seeing them on the internet somewhere.


Then it was time for the school run. Luckily Bailey doesn’t mind the rain…or the cold… we freeze in the car just to make him happy.


There was some very low cloud around this morning which was rather weird.


Back home I put the clothes in the dryer, hanging up the few items that can’t go in.


Time for another cup of tea. I ended up ordering some Kora Organic skin care products which I’ve been looking into for a while.


Then I bundled up, complete with beanie, and took the dogs on their walk.


I got to wear my jacket from Alaska – quite fitting as this time last year were there.


Here’s more of that low cloud.


A bit further along and the sun was trying to appear….


but the rainbow tells me the rain is still around. Luckily we didn’t get any and boy was I hot with my jacket when we got back. But I’d really needed it for at least half the walk.


Back home I got to work tidying up my desk, with yet another cup of tea.


And I wrote a cheque for the deposit for our Germany trip. Still can’t believe we’re going. So unexpected, but just too good an opportunity to turn down. And Christy is so excited to be staying with Nan & Pop.


And would you look at the weather now!!!!


I worked on some paperwork for the uniform shop and spent a good portion of time chasing up an order, even going up to the school to check it wasn’t there. On my 5th phone call to the suppliers we discover that the order in question just shipped. I’m a little suspicious of the timing but at least it’s not lost somewhere.

And look I’ve now got a clear desk. For now. It’s definitely a major hot spot in the house.


The dryer has finished (though I’m now thinking it could have been hung out), so I fold up what can be folded.


Then time to do some ironing while watching youtube videos.


Then lunch. Bagels with hummus, cheese and tomato.


It’s been a rather busy morning. So I just hung out with my lap top for 2 hours, until it’s time to collect the girls. I pulled in just behind the bus today. We dropped off Emerson, collected Christy (who had walked to Emerson’s) and then dropped off Amy (near home) before heading down to the mall, where we park for Christy’s singing lessons.


After getting her regular finger bun from Bakers Delight, she heads off to the place of her lessons (just outside the mall). I walk around to confirm I need to fast for a blood test (which I do so I’ll come back in the morning). I then do the uniform shop banking and visit the chemist (for a refill of my anti-inflamatories). I then go around to wait for Christy’s lesson to finish.


We got back about 4.15 and I think about dinner but can’t decide what too cook, as my feet are a bit sore now. Pop brings over the mail and I’m excited to get this. Woo hoo!!! Extra spending for Disneyworld.


At 5.15pm I take Amy up to dancing. We’re currently attending two dance schools (until next week’s concert)


Kevin arrives home just after I do and wants me to help him pack for a diving conference he’s attending in Queensland for the next week.


I consult the fridge for inspiration but not finding any, despite it being fully stocked, we decide to get takeaway pizza.


I wanted to have a bath while Kevin went to pick it up but Christy beat me too it so I had to share with her, and her toys.


I’m not sure which lush product she put in but this one had little hearts in it. So fun.


The biggest problem having a bath with Christy is that it’s not quite as warm/hot as I’d like.

Time for dinner while watching Museum Secrets. In case you were wondering that’s a cavemans skull on the screen that they are pretty sure was cannabilized. Good topic for dinner hey?


After Museum Secrets we watched Got to Dance before heading up to bed around 9pm. I was so tired tonight but managed to get a little bit of reading before lights out.

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  1. Haha love the photo with Bailey in the car. He looks like he is loving it. And yay for extra spending money for Disneyworld.

  2. I’d be tired too after a 4.30am start!
    Love the photos of the low clouds, Libby and the ravenous budgies!

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