Onboard Toiletries

Nelbe wanted to know how I deal on toiletries for onboard a flight. Since nearly all international flights from Australia are some duration – often 15 to 24 hours – you’ll definitely want to take some supplies with you. Now I really just take the basics. Things I know I’ll definitely be using. I don’t tend to wear makeup on long flights and usually am too tired to be bothered at the end of a flight. If I needed to make an impression I’d pack a bit of makeup and apply before getting off. But really you don’t want to spend any more time than necessary in the restrooms. Plus they get pretty busy just before landing.


Travel packs like the one below are ideal. I actually bought this just for the containers (for my main travel bag) then realized the clear bag would be perfect for going through security and also ease of access on the plane – which is exactly what it’s designed for.


Now what do I take on board?


Deodorant, face spray, a solid perfume, a lip balm, face moisturizer (little pot or tube), hand cream, cuticle cream and an eye mask.


I’d also put in a mini toothpaste/toothbrush we’ve got on previous flights just in case we don’t get them (not all airlines provide them). But funnily enough I came across this little toothbrush and paste set at the chemist just this afternoon so I’ll be adding that to the bag. That has to be the cutest little toothpaste I ever did see.


I have heard of people packing clear face masks to use on a flight but I haven’t gone to that level yet – I guess if you do loads of travelling you might. I think the key is to just take what you know you will need – you really don’t want to be bothering digging through lots of supplies, or carting them around the airport. Also be sure to pack some socks (again some airlines provide them) and I always buy some water (after security) and some snacks. Even though you get fed, when you’re travelling across the international date line you end up missing some meals, and we always end up hungry.

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