Nail Polish Organisation

I have painted my nails ever since I was a teenager but it’s only been in the last 18 months that I have REALLY gotten into nail polish. I think it’s part of my mid-life crises (the other parts being make-up and handbags) :-). I have gone from having about 10 nail polishes to…… ahh, best we don’t count I think. I can help justify it by saying I share with the girls.


I got these great stands awhile back (need to order another 1…or 2) but found it took me forever to chose a colour. My solution to buy some nails wheels.


Each one got a letter and then the “nails” were numbered.


We wrote the name of each polish on a sheet of paper so it’s easy to find the one we want. The girls wanted to help – this is the result mid-project.


And all done. I have to confess this did take a few hours over the space of a week.


Don’t they look so yummy? Looks like I don’t need any more pink polishes :-).


I still have to type up the corresponding list, which I will print out and place with the wheels and polishes. This will also give me a list I can access on my phone when I’m out. As you can imagine with all these polishes I sometimes forgot which ones I have.

IMG_3218.JPG IMG_3217.JPG

I’m so happy with how this turned out and it has indeed made choosing a polish easier – oh, the problems I have :-). Anyway, I thought I’d share since it might help some of you with similar addictions to mine.


3 thoughts on “Nail Polish Organisation

  1. Looks great Libby! Just wondering where you purchased your nail polish stands?

  2. Libby!!!!!! I think you have more polish than the place I have my pedi’s LOL You have to remember I live in a house full of boys so I can probably scrounge up 3 or 4 colours!

    Will miss you this weekend, so wish we could have all caught up 🙂

  3. I love to paint my nails too not my finger nails often these days as it doesn’t last long. With two girls in the house each holidays we do the nail painting thing, they would love coming to your house to choose a colour or two to wear:)

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