5 thoughts on “House Tour

  1. Your home is beautiful! And everything is so well organised. I love that you designed that fabulous kitchen yourself. 🙂

  2. Great tour, Libby, your house flows really well. I love that you thought ahead and put in two sinks for the girls in their bathroom too.

    Love the photo of Rosie and Bailey waiting by the back gate!

  3. Thank you for showing us around, you have a beautiful home. I still really love your kitchen!! and I agree your home flows really well. Had to laugh at Bailey in the bin in Amy’s room…that is exactly what BJ does in my kids rooms!

  4. Thanks for inviting us in and showing us around. I agree it is beautiful. Kitchen would have be my favourite – just love the colour! I also had to laugh at Rosie and Bailey by the back gate – so cute.

  5. Your accent is amazing! Of course, hearing you talk of leaves falling off of trees when it’s like 95 F over here makes me laugh – we are thinking of ways to stay cool and your pool looks very inviting!

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