Today I…

..cleaned up the pantry


…menu planned for the week ahead


…took the pups for a walk to the lake


…enjoyed a (broken) heart muffin that Christy made for me


..bought a soy Chai Latte for Amy and myself


…and found THE cutest box of tissues ever – and bought a box for each of the girls


What did you get up to today?

3 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. Your pantry looks very nice indeed. I would like to have more glass jars in my cupboard to store things at the moment I’ve got lots of plastic, BPA free, but still I prefer to store things in glass. I love meal planning for the week makes things so much easier and heart muffins, so lovely. Today we headed to a friends for morning tea then stayed nice in dry inside, it’s very wet here at the moment again. I hope that you enjoy your Wednesday. 🙂

  2. i actually had the day off today (never happens) and did nothng! its freezing in sydney so i made a wood fire and potted around. cant get away from washing and basic chores! paid for an excursion at school then drove my father in law to hospital for physio, came back home made dinner. drove the girls to regional dance ensemble (1 hour return trip, someone else picks them up). open week for normal studio dance group at sandy point so stayed to watch brooke’s modern class. came home at 8pm. am sittin on lounge eating and watchng tv !

  3. You had a productive day Libby, your pantry looks lovely. Ive been really enjoying the clean eating mag has some lovely things in it. The weather is miserable here cold and raining even the dogs dont want to go out.

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