The week that was

It was the week of sunny, cool days….and the week I had Christy home sick for 3 days and a teachers strike on 1 day….


It was the week Amy received not one, but two, academic awards at school….not an easy task at a selective high school….

IMG_3304.JPG IMG_2403.jpg

It was the week of ginger gifts from Kevin (from his diving conference last week)….


and a delivery of new Crocs – 2 for me, 2 for Amy and 1 for Christy….


and the week we received our Disneyworld tickets…


It was the week I finally made a bit more progress in the scrapbook room….


and cleared my desk enough to do some pages….


It was the week of finding my Quorn packet not written in English (which it normally is)…


And the week Christy made muffins to take to school (the one day she made it was a reward day)….all by herself….


It was the week Amy attended a first aid course taught by Kevin, and the week was saw, and loved, the movie Brave….


And it was the week of cute puppies….


IMG_2422.jpg IMG_2369.JPGIMG_2399.JPG


3 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Congratulations to Amy on such a great achievement, it’s always such a buzz to get up on stage and be rewarded for all of your hard work. We went to the movie Brave too last week, I loved it actually and so did the girls it was such a positive movie. Yeah to getting your Disney World ticket, how exciting. Enjoy the rest of your week Libby:)

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